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Ice Skating


One of the techniques available to enhance your awareness
of the non-physical portion of yourself
is to intentionally and consciously engage in
one or more of the activities that cannot be learned
through the intellect. 

Ice skating and riding a bicycle are two examples of this.  
Most of us have already learned how to ride a bicycle,
so putting "balance" into bicycle riding is nothing new,
but very few are self-confident when ice skating. 

Ice skating is a
here and now,
in the moment,
personal  activity.  
Nobody can teach it to you.  
Nobody can do it for you

<><><>   <><><>   

What's the point of telling you this?  
To make you aware of
the distinction between learning in your mind and
learning from being who you are in the experience.  

We suggest that you learn the real art of learning.  
Learn by becoming and learn by being.
Become proficient at learning from being.  

Other examples include
surfing, skate barding, rollerblading,
playing a musical instrument, etc.  

When you examine your life,
the bottom line of learning is called experience. 

This is how we are creating the trilogy
called Fahzoom Home Community.   

To learn more about experiential learning,
we suggest that you read the section titled
Being Versus Doing.   

Ice Skating    .





Ignorance-Willful Ignorance   



Willful Ignorance is refusing to learn the truth.       


Ignorance  --  Willful Ignorance






Impossible - It's Impossible    




One of the barriers to the truth in an invisible prison
is to trick people into believing that
a huge number of things are impossible. 
The prison creators are particularly focused on
convincing people that anything not physical is impossible. 

For example, the first time you heard someone say that
humans are eternal, non-physical,  divine beings
having a human experience, what was you reaction?  
If you are like most people,
your first reaction  was to say,
"That's impossible!"
and then to simply ignore the possibility.

+++   +++  

Remember, when we experience human life with
Fifth Dimension Consciousness, we experience Earth-life in 
Source/ Creator/ God-goddess's Holographic Universe.      
In a holograph,       If we can imagine it,      it's possible.  

+++   +++ 

The fraudulent nature of the   It's ImpossibleFairytale 
was demonstrated many years ago by the scientists
in the research laboratories of General Electric.  

Whenever a new researcher would join the GE staff,
his first assignment would be to figure out
how to frost a light bulb on the inside.  
As you probably know, the original  light bulbs
were simply clear glass globes with no light-diffusing coating on them. 
In those says, everyone knew
it was impossible to frost a light bulb on the inside.   

Each new researcher would work for a couple of months
on this impossible task, and then, one day,
the other researchers would gather together around him
and tell the new guy he'd been the sucker for a long-standing joke.  
"We set you up to attempt to do the impossible."  

This went on for several years until
one new researcher successfully frosted a light bulb on the inside.  

Why did he succeed where others failed?  
Primarily because he viewed the challenge
with an open mind - from  the beginner's mind.  
He didn't "already know" that it was impossible.

+++   +++   

 Related Page:    Believability        .





Jesus - How Jesus Healed



Jesus knew the Rules of Reality  on Planet Earth. 
We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Fifth Dimension,         Holographic Universe.  

Heaven is NOT a physical place. 
It's a state of consciousness.   
To live in Joy, Llove, freedom, abundance are
our natural, human state of being.    

We are eternal non-physical
divine beings having
an Earth-life experience.    

Jesus said you are a god.  
He tells us directly  three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 
John_10:34, 35<> Isaiah 41:23 <> Psalms 82:6  

We are amazing creatures!  
We have talents, abilities and opportunities
light years  beyond our present,
very-limited understanding of reality.  

Jesus knew He was a God-Being.  
You have forgotten and
have not yet  remembered
who and what you are.  

You are a God-Being
who has forgotten that
you are a God-Being.  

Here's how healing is done
in Fifth Dimension Consciousness:  

Jesus helped the sick person to change his picture of reality.   
Because everything in the universe is a holograph,
Jesus didn't do anything physical.  

The sick person believed that Jesus could heal him.  
When the sick person touched Jesus' robe,
the belief (the faith) of the sick person
altered that person's holographic self-image and
that person's new belief (his faith)
changed his holographic body image
from sick to healthy.   

The body automatically followed the belief and
the person's body immediately shifted into health.  
You can also see that this was simply a change in timelines.   

A Christian, Biblical Quotation:  
        "Greater works than these, you shall do and more."
Commonly paraphrased as:  
       "Anything I can do, you can do and more."      

In a holographic universe, anything is possible.  

Until recently, this Biblical Truth
has been completely ignored.    Why?  For two Reasons:
***   Because almost nobody understood the principles involve,
and almost nobody knew how to do what Jesus did. 

***   The second reason is that
those who did know feared for their lives
if they spoke the truth.   

Well, that's all changed now.  
We have learned the truth. 
That truth has indeed set us free.  

The Doors Are Open.  
One of the door is at:   

Jesus -- How Jesus Healed    .




The Judge - A Personality Trait


We have five basic personality traits: 
*   Inner Child, 
*   Saboteur,  We set ourselves up for failure
*   Prostitute - We sell pieces of who we are
            in exchange for things like safety
*   Sexual being,
*   The Judge   We have beliefs, attitudes and opinions
             about everything.   

<><><>   <><><>

The Judge

           The Judge:   The basic attributes of a judge is
            one who reviews, critiques, evaluates.   

Humans have been programmed to find fault,
to declare others guilty, condemn them, and then punish  

Along the way/ the line between clean  and dirty,
at whet point does each become the other?  
A what point does dirty become clean? 
At what point does clean become dirty?  
Who determines the point along that line
where each becomes the other?  
Am I required to make my dividing point
at the same point that your do?    

The Judge  .



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