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Examples of Contexts




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(o)>   Example of a Social Context  

(o)>   Example of a Co-created Personal Context  

(o)>   Example of a Self-Created Personal Context    


(o)>   A few of Your Most Important Contexts  

(o)>   Some Common Contexts    




Example of

Creating a  Collective Social Context



The classic public example of creating a collective social context  occurred on May 25, 1961 when President John F. Kennedy said in a speech before the U.S. Congress: 

"This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth."  

Notice that a context was created.   It did not exist until it was declared into existence.   Everything related to accomplishing that goal became content in that overall context.   Even the belief that "it's impossible" became a part of making it happen. 




Example of a

Co-created Personal Context


If you are like most people, you  grew up in what is called a family.   Terms like  mom, dad, children, siblings, parents, etc.  refer to members of the family.   Where did this family unit come from?  Your parents created it.   On their wedding day, they formally declared its existence and later created children as a portion of the content within their self-declared context.   Before your parents  declared it into being, you and what you refer to as "my family" did not exist.  

Your family unit is an example of a personally created context.   In this example the context was created by two people together.  Your parents created that context, and you, your siblings, your mom, and your dad are all content within that context.  This is just one example.  Every relationship you have is a co-created context.   




Example of a

Self-Created Personal Context:


Your life is filled with contexts.   Your relationship to your physical body is a personal context.   Your relationship to your home is a context.   More examples:  where you grew up,  the family you grew up in, your financial status, your significant other relationship, et cetera.  

Everything you do is within several contexts.   Most of these contexts were originally created when you were a very young child.   Remember, a personal context is also a mind set, a mental attitude, a way of being.   Below are some more examples of contexts.




A Few of

Your Most Important Contexts



Social and Environmental Contexts:
     (Contexts that are fixed and unchangeable)

(o)>   You are a spiritual being; 

(o)>   You live on planet Earth;  

(o)>   You live in a masculine or a feminine human body;  

(o)>   You live at a specific time in human history;   

(o)>   You live within the presently existing, economic, 
           technical; religious, social, and political structures;

(o)>   You grew up in a specific social, religious, economic, 
           and family structure;  

(o)>   The age of your body is whatever it is;  

(o)>   Your past is whatever it is  --  your education,
          your relationships, your experiences, etc.  

Personal contexts:
     (Contexts that are changeable)

(o)>   Your personal religious and philosophical belief system;   

(o)>   Your beliefs about yourself;

(o)>   Your attitudes and opinions;  

(o)>   Your emotions and feelings; 

(o)>   Your expectations;  

(o)>   What you will or will or allow into your life




Some Common Contexts


Some contexts are so common that we don't think of them as contexts, non the less, each affects, dominates, and dictates a corresponding behavior.   Here are some examples:  

The Weather   
Elevation above sea level  
Day or night  
Are you alone or in the presents of other people  

Every physical place you are in is a context  
Married, single, divorced, widowed  
Where you go to work or to school,  
Hungry or not hungry  
Tired or well rested    

Healthy or sick  
Handicapped, physically, mentally, emotionally



The Discussion of context is on Four Pages


(o)>   Page One  --  What Is a Context     

(o)>   Page Two  --  Why Contexts Are Important  

(o)>   Page Three  --  Examples of Contexts   <---  <---   You Are here.

(o)>   Page Four  --  Your Life in Its Contexts   



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