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Money Is All That Matters

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Money Is All That Matters


The evidence tells us that everything is intimately related to everything else.   Humans are social animals.   We function best when we are in harmonious relationship with other humans.   In order to function effectively, we must know the rules of reality, the rules of interrelating,  and the context within which we are functioning.   Let's look at human interrelating  in the area of economics.

In the present, human, social context, money rules the world.   Money talks!    Most corporations are focused almost exclusively on money?   Because of the way the money interests control everything, even the corporate leaders, themselves, have no real choice.   They have to focus on profits or get fired.   Everything they tell the public is colored by their need to make a profit.   If you believe the public messages the major corporations tell you about money, you are you missing the real  truth about money?   

Speaking the truth about money is blasphemy to the money manipulators.   Fortunately, the truth about money cannot be kept in secret.   But, unfortunately,  it can be ignored and easily misrepresented.    The section below title:   Do Corporations Pay Taxes? is an example of financial misrepresentation where the public is given a false impression.    The worlds largest oil company just gave us another con job about why they had to charge exorbitant prices for gasoline and the public bought it.   See the section below title:   Yes, but We Had To`

In the present system, most corporations are focused on money at the expense of everything else, including the customers, the employees, the environment and YOU!   Your life is at the effect of the money manipulators who presently rule the world through their almost exclusive control of the power of money.   



You --  In the Present Economic Context


By changing the  present corporate business context, as proposed on the TLC-Life-Center's website,  How to Create the New Corporate World,  we can shift the focus of the corporations to include the customers, the employees, and the environment.   When that happens, the context in which you live will be dramatically altered.    Your life  (whether you are a corporate leader or an average citizen)  will also  be dramatically altered.   

Some Examples of Past major Shifts of Context:   

***When Nichola Tessla discovered how to use alternate current electricity, that discovery dramatically changed the world.   Living in a world with readily available electric power produces a very different context than a world without it.   

***When Louis Pasture discovered that microorganisms cause disease, that dramatically change the world of medicine and the context in which we view things not readily visible to the naked eye.    

***When Robert Fulton put together several already existing technologies and create the steam engine, that too changed the world.   

The present world is in the middle of major social, political, religious, economic, and environmental transformations.   Changing the way corporations run their businesses, as proposed on the TLC-Life-Center's website,  How to Create the New Corporate World, 'will again, dramatically alter the word.   

This may sound grandiose and far fetched, but let me remind you that almost everything that has produce major, rapid shifts the world has come from an unexpected source. '   

Readers are invited to examine the evidence before passing judgment on what is being presented.   How to Create the New Corporate World, ' 



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Don't waste your time and money trying to fix the unfixable.  Replace it.  

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Do Corporations Pay Taxes          ...

Do Corporations Pay Taxes?


Q   Do  corporations pay their fair share of taxes?”   

A.    No.   Corporations do not now nor have they ever paid taxes, and they never will pay taxes.

Q   How can that be true.   Corporations pay money to the government all the time.  

A   Yes,  corporations do indeed send money to the government, but whose money are the corporations sending to the government?   To answer that question, we simply need to take a moment and become aware of the basic economics of how a corporation functions.”  

Q.     And that is . . .  

A.    They add up the costs — the costs to produce a product, plus the costs for the factory, for the offices, and for management, plus the cost for advertising and promotion, plus a mark up for profit, plus the cost for taxes, plus however much more money they can get away with charging the customers, and that is the selling price of their product.   That’s the price the public pays.   So who pays the taxes and whose money are corporations sending to the government?  

Your money, my money and the money of very other customer.   Corporations simply collect the tax money hidden within the cost of the product.   They collect that money from their customers and pass the money along to the government.  

When you look at paying taxes from the perspective of a company having an a lower price advantage over it's competitors, for all the companies in the same taxing environment, taxes are a completely neutral factor.   All the corporations pay them so every corporation has this same factor in its cost of doing business.   Every corporation simply raises the prices of its products to include the money it collects from its customers and passes on to the government.  

Taxes are significant in situations where companies move to a location where they can pay less taxes.  

The money manipulators withhold this information from the public and proceeded to con a lot of people into demanding that corporations pay their fair share of taxes.  

Heads they win.   Tails you loose.   They peddle the illusion that corporations pay taxes, and they peddle that story if it were a factual truth while knowing full well it's a lie.   And the public buys  it, at least in part, because con artists are good salesman.   It's such a great con that the public has bought if for decades and most people stills believes it today.  



Yes, but We Had To         ...

Yes, We did,  But  We Had To . . .


Q.   While millions of Americans are on the brink of  financial disaster, the worlds largest oil company recently reported all-time record-breaking profits.   (Feb 08)   How can they get away with such behavior.

A.    By being excellent at creating false impressions.

Q.   What do you mean?  

A.   They said that the huge profits were justified because the cost of exploring for oil is high.    

Q.   What's wrong with that.   They are telling the truth. 

A.   Yes, but is it a relevant truth?   How is the cost of oil exploration  related to making huge profits?   It's not!   If the excessive billions of dollars that they took in as profit were actually being used to explore for more oil that money would show up on their quarterly report as an expense and not as profits. 

Q.   So you are saying that they justify charging record-high prices for gasoline by claiming that the profits that they show in their quarterly report are not really profits.   

A.    You've got it.   So now you can now feel sorry for those poor oil company executives that are just broken hearted about having to charge you such high prices for gasoline.   

And you might also note the in spite of regularly receiving very high profits for decades, no oil industry corporation has build a new refinery in the past thirty years.   

Q.   So where's all  the money going?  

A.   I suggest you write to your favorite oil company and ask them that question.