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       Because we have discovered
              the secret to infinite abundance,
                     we can now afford to give you
                             free access to our entire website.


     A  Trainer's Manual for 
         Fifth Dimension  Consciousness  
            aka    Cosmic Awarenesss   
                         How to Become Aware of The Nature of Reality




Begin with   






+++   The Power of Our Natural State of Being  
            When we remember who you are,
            Our Natural State of Being will fill our lives with
             Joy, Llove, and an abundance of
             everything we could ever require or desire.      




+++   Creating with Emotions    
We think our desires into existence in our minds.  
We feel our desires into physical manifestation.  

              Everything we do, every action we take

              is done to satisfy the desire to feel better




+++   The Great In-Between  
              This page is designed to give you an intimate understanding
              of how you relate to everything, including     Source/ Creator,   
              Your Fellow God-Beings,     and      Yourself.   




+++   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?     
              If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
              you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.   




Editor's Note:  
Our websites (collectively)
are equivalent to a college education. 
The topic is:   Your Life as a Self-Aware Being. 

Simply reading a page or two will get you next door to nowhere.  
There are NO magic bullets and NO magic potion.  

You have a Choice: 

***   Wait a few more years and eventually
         arrive into Fifth Dimension awareness
         with the mindless sheep.  

***   Begin studying The Nature of Reality,
          learn Who and What You Really Are and
         receive the reward of a joy-filled life very quickly. 








You are much more than
just a physical body.  

Here's the real Truth About:
*   About   Who and What You Are
*   About   Where You Are, and
*   About   The Future of Humanity.  


. .



Global Currency Reset: 

If you own your home or
if you are a real estate agent
this is your last opportunity
to position yourself to receive
maximum benefits from
the soon-coming and inevitable
Global Currency Reset.






Question:   Why the Gift?   What's the catch?   Nothing is free.  
                        Why are you doing this?   

In third dimension consciousness, you are right, 
however, I am  no longer limited to third dimension consciousness.  

When we function in Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
the rules of this higher vibration reality are dramatically different.  

In Fifth Dimension consciousness,
we understand that we are creating in a holographic reality
In a holographic reality we create things and experiences by thought
and not by pain and struggle.  

We (humans) are Great Creators.  
In third dimension consciousness, we struggle because
we are using only a small fraction of our potential.  

In Fifth Dimension consciousness,
we have the potential , the opportunity, and the choice
to be, do, have, express, and experience anything we choose.  

In a fully functioning, Fifth Dimension, social structure,
there is absolutely NO need for money.

Please be aware that there is a significant learning process
between our very limited 3rd dimension reality and
being fully functioning in 5th dimension consciousness.  

<><><>   <><><>
Here's another reason why our website information is free.  
One of the Universal Principles is that,  Like Attracts Like.   
In other words, things that vibrate in the same frequency family 
attract each other.  

We cannot give something away without
attracting people, places, things, situations, and/or experiences
that express similar vibrational patterns. 

When I give with The Joy of Fahzoom
as my basic vibration rate,  
I vibrate at a rate of universal Llove.  
This brings me into alignment with the receiving side of Llove.   
I then have the opportunity to choose and to
experience similar vibrations on the receiving side of Llove.
In other words,
the consequences of joyous giving are joyous receiving.  

However, please be aware that the opposite is also true.  
If I give out of duty, or
if I give out of fear of the consequences of not giving,
or if I give mindlessly,
I get more duty, more fear, and more mindlessness. 


When, where, and how a manifestation comes to me
is none of my business.  
That's part of the manifestation process.  
That's  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's business.  

During the gestation period,
(the time between creation and its manifestation)
y job is to have a joy-filled journey
to that which I have created / chosen.  

During the time between creation and manifestation,
I have two jobs, one is to feel the emotions,
the fahzoom feel-good feelings associated with my creation
as if my intentions were already physically manifested and second,
to have fun along the way from where I  am
to where I choose to be. 
<><><>   <><><>

I am offering my website information
totally from Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    
And, until I become more fully functional
at the art of manifesting in the 5th Dimension,
I ask a donation for my services as your personal guide.  
Although I ask for a donation,
Nobody is ever turned away for lack of money.

This serves three purposes:  
First, it counters  the belief that
if something does not cost money it's worthless.

Second, because it's a positive demonstration to me
about my success, and

Third, because I can answer questions.
I can show you how to use the tools and techniques  and
I can make it easier for you to transform your life
from one of pain and struggle to the path of grace and ease.

Money is not my goal.  
My intention is to master the art of Fifth Dimension living.  
I, like you, am a fellow student in a grand awakening process. 
The main difference between us is that
I started along the path to cosmic consciousness
sooner than you did.  

We are all destined to arrive there eventually.  
The path each of us chooses is our own.  
Stay in 3D and drag yourself there by pain and struggle.  
Think 5D consciousness and arrive with grace and ease.  

<><><>   <><><>

As you move along the path from where you are
into who you choose to be,
step by step, you'll begin to see a bigger and bigger picture.

You'll become experientially aware
of who and what you really are and
you'll realize what you are capable of
being, doing, having, expressing, and experiencing. 

When humanity as a collective consciousness,
reaches full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
everything will be free.  

<><><>   <><><>

Please feel free to share this website with
your family, your friends, your neighbors. your co-workers, etc.  
The more people who understand The Nature of Reality,
the sooner we will all be fully conscious, Fifth Dimension Beings.  

Welcome to

The World of Infinite Possibilities  





Cosmic-Level Changes: 

The pages on this website
bring you a summary of the
significant concepts related to
life on Earth
as we presently know them and
how our lives will be in the near future.   

Everything, and I mean everything is
in the process of changing dramatically.  

<><><>   <><><>

What I Am NOT: 

I'm not here to make money!  

I'm not here to sell you a so-called
success technique that has
a 97% failure rate.  

I'm not here to sell you tickets
to an expensive weekend seminar. 

<><><>   <><><>

Why I Am Here: 

I am here to show you
how to move into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

Once you remember that you are
an Eternal Divine Being
having a human experience

and once you understand
The True Nature of Reality,
then you can be, do, have, express,
and experience
anything that you choose. 

I now live mostly in
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
I have become aware of
who and what I am.  
I am no longer controlled by the
lies, illusions, and false beliefs of 
third dimension consciousness.

Later, I'll share with you
what I am doing and
what I am in the process of creating.

I'm here to be a guide, and a role model
on how to become a
Fifth Dimension Being.   


. .

About this Website's Creator


About this Website's Creator 

This section has a new page.   



It's Ok To Do Nothing? 

It's OK!   You do not need to do anything!  
The transformations are cosmic in nature.   All of humanity is being carried along
like leaves in a wind storm.

About half of us will survive and
make the transition from 
the now obsolete
third dimension consciousness
into the joy, Llove, and
abundance-filled world of 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

So, in the long-term, 
it really doesn't matter what you do. 
Why?   Because you and I, (all of us)
are non physical Divine Beings
having a human experience
in a Holographic Universe

<><><>   <><><>  


Choose Misery or Joy: 

You can continue to struggle,
continue to be a wage slave controlled
by lies, illusions, and false beliefs. 
You can even be murdered.   
We will all eventually return to
Source/ Creator/ God.

The only question is,
along your journey back to Source,
Do you want a misery-filled experience
or a joy-filled experience?






If you think what we are talking about
is still impossible,
please check the page titled:  


Normalcy Bias: 

And then there's Normalcy Bias.  
Most people expect things
to stay just about
the way they are, so they
make no contingency plans
for emergency situations, and
when a change occurs
they are completely unprepared.  


. .



Where to Start

The Learning Process: 

1)  Who Are You?   What Are you?

2)   Creating with Emotions

3)   Where Are You?     

4)   Choose an Intention, a Goal.  

5)   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

6)   The Law of Context and Content   

7)   The Art of Success     






What inspires you to make changes?     

We naturally move away from pain and conflict.  
We naturally move toward pleasure, peace, harmony, and sex. 

In order to get your attention and spark your interest in improving your life,
we suggest that you start  by reading the pages linked to below about

your hidden and untapped abilities  to use sex and sensuality
to amplify the power of manifestation in your personal, physical reality.  

The World of Sensual Delights   

How to Become Multi-Orgasmic  

The Art of Conscious Living     

The world of amplified sensual delights, the world of multiple orgasms, and 
the world of joy-filled, Lloving relationships are described on our webpages.
They are yours, if you choose them.  

All you have to do is learn The Rules of Reality and  apply them to your life.




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See the Truth +  Speak the Truth +  Live the truth  =  Be Free  

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Fairness, and Justice 
are intimately interconnected.   
Freedom without truth is slavery in disguise.   
Life as we are presently living it, is an illusion.  
It's a secret prison made out of lies and  false beliefs.  
If you think you know the truth, 
you're in for a big shock and a rude awakening.


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