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The Ultimate Weapon

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The Invisible Prison







Overview         January 2017 


People are mentally programmed to think of a prison
as something made of stone and steel.  
Prisons are much more that buildings and fences.

A prison is anything that limits or controls
a person's behavior without the persons knowledge,
and/or without his or her consent.


Let me introduce you to the invisible prison system
that has controlled humanity for about 25,000 years  

Most humans still live in a mind-control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in prison.  

The prison is invisible to the inmates
because it's not made of stone and steel.  
It's made of
      incredibly sophisticated illusions,
      intentional deceptions,
      mind manipulation,
      negative emotions (such as fear and anger)
      false beliefs.  

The Cabal criminal bankers and the CIA run the prison. 
These people are psychopathic parasites.   
They are evil beyond imagination


The TLC-Life-Center  team has created a Training Manual
and A Counseling / Coaching Service  to assist in
freeing humanity from this  mind control prison.
You can find us at www.TLC333.com   






   Religious Deception                                           Religion            


Most people believe that their local religious leaders
are caring and Lloving people.  
That's true.  They are. 

BUT,   those who behind the facade,
secretly control what is taught
as proven facts and religious doctrine
are evil, parasitic, Cabal criminals

You have been mind manipulated and
emotionally tricked into believing self-destructive lies.  


The most destructive lie is that humans are separate from God.  
They ignore the three passages in the Christian Bible
where Jesus says you are a God.  
They ignore the passage where Jesus says
that you can do anything that he did.  

Examine the evidence: 


We were taught that we are only our physical bodies,
that reincarnation is only a myth.  
John 3:13 in the Christian Bible tells us otherwise.   


With no Biblical support whatsoever,
church leaders claim that every timea human egg and sperm unite,
God steps in and by an instantaneous, supernatural,
transcendental magic act,
He creates a brand new, never-before existing human being,
that lives once on Earth and then goes to heaven or hell forever.   
John 3:13    Genesis 2:14  and  Ecclesiastes 11:5  
tell us a very different story.     


False fear of eternal damnation in hell
is not only another mind-manipulating fairytale,
it's the second most powerful religious lie of all times,
the lie of separation being the most powerful.   <><><>







Scarcity,  Money, and Still More Big Lies 


Money is only useful in  society that believes in scarcity. 

You have been falsely taught
that you are your physical body,
that you are powerless, 
that you are an inherently-evil sinner,   
that you are separate from God..  

Blow off the roof!  
Tear down those walls!  
See the truth beyond the lies!   

Realize that you are a God-Being,
that you are a Great Creator
that you life in a Holographic Universe -
That you create in a holograph by thought.  








False Beliefs,  

            Self Judgments,

                        Negative Emotions,

                                    Fixed expectations 



False Beliefs: 
See the list of Lizzerdz Lies at 

<><><>   <><><>


Self Judgments:  
This has primarily a product of the Cabal's
intentional destruction of our self image.  
You were spoon-fed all six of these lies.   

Not worthy,
Not good enough,
Not Lovable, 
      Not Connected to God, 
      Not connected to  Sacred Mother Earth
      Not connected  to our fellow humans. 


<><><>   <><><>


Negative Emotions:    
Fear, anger, and hate are incredibly powerful
behavior manipulating tools.  

Emotions are energy at varying rates of vibration.  

Llove, Compassion, Joy
are high vibration states of being. 
These  vibrational frequencies are not accessible
to the the Cabal and their controllers  


Fear, grief sadness, anger and
the other low vibration emotions,
when experienced by a human being
cause his or her body
to radiate a low vibration energy.  

That  energy  is food for the off-planet Beings
who controlled the Earths human population.   

<><><>   <><><>

Fixed Expectations also limit your behavior:   
Included in the factors that control your life are
what you expect,
what you will allow,
what you think your know   <><><>






Fuk u Shima


In the Japanese language, the word Shima  means Japan.  

The three nuclear power plants at Fukushima, Japan 
that are now a global-level, nuclear disaster
were destroyed by a title wave that was caused
when Cabal agents set off 
an under sea nuclear explosion.    








Planetary Ascension Update, Increasing Sentience:       

      Published on Nov 12, 2016  
       November 12, 2016   by Lisa Renee   

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David Icke 2016 Shocking News: 







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The Ultimate Weapon
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