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The Ultimate Weapon

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The Invisible Prison





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Overview         January 2017 


People are mentally programmed to think of a prison
as something made of stone and steel.  
Prisons are much more that buildings, walls, and fences.

A prison is also
anything that limits or controls
a person's behavior even
without the persons knowledge,
and/or without his or her consent.


Let me introduce you to the invisible prison system
that has controlled humanity for about 25,000 years.  

Most humans still live in a mind-control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in prison.  

The prison is invisible to the inmates
because it's not made of stone and steel.  
It's made of
      lies of commission,   lies of omission,  
      incredibly sophisticated illusions,
      intentional deceptions,
      secret mind manipulation, 
      false beliefs  (such as  separation from God)
      negative emotions (such as fear and anger)
      money manipulation,
      distortion and vilification of human sexuality, and 
      thousands of distortions,    unnecessary hardships,
      Sheyitt-producing, twisted-truths,
      false creation of scarcity, and
      fake money.  

You have been tricked into believing
the exact opposite of the truth
in almost absolutely, every aspect of your life.  

The Cabal criminal bankers and the CIA run the prison. 
These people are psychopathic parasites.   
They express evil that is evil beyond imagination. 


The TLC-Life-Center  team has created a Training Manual
and A Counseling / Coaching Service  to assist in
freeing humanity from this  mind control prison.
You can find us at   






   Religious Deception                                           Religion            


Most people believe that their local religious leaders
are caring and Lloving people.  
That's true.  They are. 

BUT,   those who behind the facade,
secretly control what is taught
as proven facts and religious doctrine
are evil, parasitic, Cabal criminals

You have been mind manipulated and
emotionally tricked into believing self-destructive lies.  


The most destructive lie in all of human life is
that humans are separate from God.  

They ignore the three passages in the Christian Bible
where Jesus says you are a God.  

They ignore the passage where Jesus says
that you can do anything that he did.  

Examine the evidence:  


We were taught that we are only our physical bodies,
that reincarnation is only a myth
The overwhelming evidence
and the Christian Bible tell us otherwise.  
John 3:13 in the Christian Bible tells us otherwise.   


With no Biblical support whatsoever,
church leaders claim that every time a human egg and sperm unite,
God steps in and by an instantaneous, supernatural,
transcendental magic act,
He creates a brand new, never-before existing human being,
that lives once on Earth and then goes to heaven or hell forever.   
John 3:13    Genesis 2:14  and  Ecclesiastes 11:5  
tell us a very different story.     


You are your body.   False.  a lie
You are a powerless, inherently evil sinner.   False. a  lie
The more you suffer the closer you are to God.   False.  a  lie 

Jesus speaks the truth:   
You are God-Being.  
You are a powerful creator
the more joy have,
the closer you are to God.

False fear of eternal damnation in hell
is not only another mind-manipulating fairytale,

It's the second most powerful religious lie of all times,

the lie of Separation from God being the most powerful.

OBEY Church orders and give us money
or face eternal  damnation in a lake of fire
where you will burns in hell forever

For a refreshing taste of the truth,
read the section below: 
Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II
busts the long-standing fairytale
about heaven and hell:
Pope John Paul II Speaks About Hell .  







Scarcity,  Money, and Still More Big Lies 


Money is only useful in  society that believes in scarcity. 

You have been falsely taught
that you are your physical body,
that you are powerless, 
that you are an inherently-evil sinner,   
that you are separate from God..  

Blow off the roof!  
Tear down those walls!  
See the truth beyond the lies!   

Realize that you are a God-Being,
that you are a Great Creator
that you life in a Holographic Universe -
That you create in a holograph by thought.  







Compare        Compare  



The Service-to-Self, Hidden Agenda    

Service to All,  God's Agenda:              







Fuk  u  Shima


In the Japanese language, the word Shima  means Japan.  

There are three, contiguous, nuclear power plants  
at Fukushima, Japan 
that are now creating a  
global-level, nuclear disaster!  

They were destroyed by a title wave
that was intentionally caused 
by Cabal agents when they set off 
an under sea nuclear explosion.    






For thousands of years,
no matter what humans did,
Failure was guaranteed.  
Why failure?  
Because secret criminal organizations
controlled humanity.  

Agents of the Cabal criminals mind-manipulated human
into believe that we  are stupid and helplessness.  
This is one of the big lies peddled by the Cabal.

Here's a summary of that Lie:  
***    Humanity is stupid and
         must be cared for like one cares for a young child.  

***   Humans are not capable
        of dealing with challenging new ideas.
**   Humanity cannot deal with the fact that  
         those in control of our governments
         and the major corporations
         are evil, $atan-worshipping,
        child-raping, child-murdering, money-manipulating,
         psychopathic, parasitic criminals.

These criminal, by way of secret organizations, 
have been controlling humanity for about 30,000 years.
have been and still are lying to us about everything.

All political so-called-elections are rigged and fraudulent. 
Also, the criminals control both sides so,
no matter who wins
the secret controller are still running the show.

The 3d corporate and political structures 
have been run on the principle of:  
      Treat the symptom.  
      Never solve the problem.

Destructive, hidden agendas
are imbedded in every statement
and in every action proposed by the controllers.
Vaccinations and GMO foods are clear examples of  this.

Those who bucked  the system were disposed of: 
They murdered Presidents Garfield, Lincoln, Kennedy,
and they destroyed or murdered literally
hundreds of thousand of people
who proposed changes  or created technology that 
threatened their secrete,  criminal control system.

Don't believe any of this.  
Examine the evidence.   
Start examining by reading the pages liked-to
in the next section, below:

<><>   <><><>   <><><>

Here is God-Goddess Speaking the Truth:

First, the truth:
I am Source/Prime-Creator/ God-Goddess.  
I am everything.
I am All knowing,  All Powerful, and All Present.  
You are my children,  
You, like your Mother and your Father,
are great creators.  

We all have the power to create
absolutely anything and everything that
we could ever want, need, desire or require.

You are made of me.  I am Llove.  You are Llove
I gave you life.  You are my children   
I gave you my powers of creation.  
I give you instinctive behaviors and
I give you earthly parents
to keep you alive until
you grow in stature and understanding enough
to take care of yourself.   

And one other thing. 
I do not require or desire being worshipped. 
Respect and appreciating will do just fine. 
Now that we have defined the real God

Here's the Lie --
The false god that Humans  Worship.

I am God!   I am Powerful! 
You are a powerless nothing. 
I created you inherently evil and defective.
Look!   See how easily I can destroy you. 
I demand that love me.  
I demand that you obey me.  
If you fail to obey me,
I will throw you into a pit of fire
where you will burn for all eternity.

I steal your mind, 
I teach you lies like separation and scarcity
I set you out in the dirt and say
if you want food, or clothing, or shelter,
you must earn it.  
You must  sweat and struggle
and do thing you hate doing
or you can simply starve to death.

Where in all of creation do you find
a god who gives an then takes back?
a god who steal you mind and replace Llove with fear and lies?
a god who rapes, tortures, and murders little children?
a god the steal and destroy at every opportunity?
an angry, fickly, wrathful, vengeful, mass murdering god
who murderess his son an calls it an act of Llove?  

Then peddles justification with lies like: 
Money doesn't grow on trees."  
If you want food, or clothing, or shelter,
you must work for me
and, if you obey my rules,
I'll give your life on weekends,
along with poison food and mind bending
so-called news and entertainment.    







 The Evil from which   
Truth Has has Set Us Free

If you want to more details about how evil controlled humanity,
check these pages, however, do not dwell on this garbage.  
See it to realize what has happened to humanity
and then move on.   

Move on to HERE.~  

Deception - The Ultimate Weapon of War 

Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon,       <-- <-- <--   You are Here
Page Two  The Invisible Prison

Criminal Bankers and the CIA    

Cabal Secret Corporate Control
Criminal-Cabal, Secret Corporate Control System.

Lizzerdz Team Theory
Off-planet control of humanity by a species of being called Lizzerdz


Listen to this:  
Millions of Multi-Body Coffins     
Ready made, just waiting for you and your family

Listen to a description of the
Manifesto of  the Ruling Elite
beginning at minute  10:00  to minute 12:50

#Qanon #Meganon, Revolution is Underway,
American Life will Change Forever - YouTube  1:05:21
<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Silent Weapons for Secret Wars  

///   ///   ///  
How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie - Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill - YouTube

Dollar Vigilante   Jeff Berwick
The Dollar Vigilante - YouTube

  ///   ///   ///

Move on to that which serves your awakening.     Move  to HERE.~




Who-Can-You-Believe   .




Who can you believe?  
      What information sources are most likely reflecting the truth?

The Lie:
      With regard to the main stream establishment,
      there is one truth you can absolutely depend upon:     
            Anything that comes from or is controlled
            by those in control of our society
            WILL    BE    A    LIE!

      Any time anybody representing
      any part of the establishment
      proposes some form of change,
      they are peddling a hidden agenda.

      When it comes to the truth, most people
      don't know sheyitt~ from apple butter.  

Most trustworthy Sources of the Truth
      People who have had unique experiences,
      such as Joe Marshalla.~  

      People who have had extensive training in a particular field
      and are no longer serving the Cabal  
      Such as Bruce Lipton.~        








In a Republic  everybody honors
the inalienable rights of the minority.

In a Democracy the ‘will of the majority’
supersedes the inalienable rights of the minority.

The United States was created as a Republic.
Because the secret cartels of criminals,
have been secretly controlling
everything in the entire world for thousands of years,
the Republic of the United States
soon became a make-believe Democracy.  

The undisputable evidence tell us that in the 1870s, 
the Republic of United Sates was secretly replaced by
The United States Incorporated and
The United States Incorporated has been controlled
by a secret dictator ship.  

Today, the wall secrecy has crumbled.   
he lies have been  exposed. 
There is now an open war going on between
We-The-People and the ruling elite cartels of criminals. 
   <><><>     <><><>

If you have any doubts  
Watch/listen to this video:  
Millions of Multi-Body Coffins     
Ready made, just waiting for you and your family

Listen to a description of the
Manifesto of  the Ruling Elite
beginning at minute  10:00  to minute 12:50

#Qanon #Meganon, Revolution is Underway,
American Life will Change Forever - YouTube  1:05:21

Learn More about our co-called government

The Communist Manifesto
Is a More accurate Description of U.S.
than in is the Constitution          




C S 18-07-16





Evil's Intention:
Evil's intention is
to get humans to feel alone, isolated
and to hate each other.

Because evil is a parasite that lives on
the low vibration, negative energy
that radiates from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing pain, grief, misery, guilt,
 and all the other low vibration negative energies.   







Pope John Paul II Speaks About Hell

o. o. t.

Church leader have long known how to
deal with evidence, truths, facts, and events
that contradict the stories they peddle.  
They simply ignore them.   

By NOT saying something that is vital
for the speaker's message
to convey the truth,

the speaker/writer's intention is to
deceptive the person to whom he is speaking/writings.  
This form of deception is called a lie of omission.~     

As you surely know, the Catholic Church
makes a big deal about being truthful
and about not lying.  
Apparently, deceiving the public
by not speaking life-changing truths

is excluded from the Catholic Church's list of sins.    

I'm about to share with you
an example of a lie of omission and
a small piece of the truth
I'll bet you've never heard.   

I've been a student of religion and spirituality
for more years than most most people have been alive,
and in the 12 years since Pope John Paul
made the profound statement
that I'm about to share with you,
I knew nothing about his confession 
until a chance, side comment
brought it to my attention in December 2011.     

Here' The Story    

Roman Catholic Theology tell us 
(and all the present Catholic Church leaders
continue to publicly agree)  that
in matters of the church, the Pope is infallible.  

In July of 1999,  Pope John Paul II
told the world that
hell is not a physical place
but rather it is symbolic and figurative.
He said that hell means a separation from
the joyful communion with God.   

In the annals of Catholic history,
Pope John Paul's statement
is among the most profound, and yet
it's been intentionally ignore, buried,
and largely forgotten.  
Here's the real  kicker:  

If the Pope is infallible,
then the Christian Bible is not
the literal word of God.  

Why not?  
Because an active, infallible pope
in the Roman Catholic Church said that
a vitally important piece of
Christian Bible-based theology
was not to be taken literally.  

If hell is not a real place beneath our feet,
then where are (and what happened to)
all the millions of people who
are reported to be in residence there? 

The other obvious conclusion is that
one or more Roman Catholic Popes are either
NOT infallible or 
One or more Popes have been lying to us. 

What about the Christian heaven which,
according to Christian theology, 
heaven  is above the clouds of planet Earth?  
Could that also  be symbolic and figurative?  
Could heaven also be a state of mind
instead of a physical place?  

The evidence tells us that Pope John Paul II
 stuck a knife in the heart of
a centuries-old. powerful Christian fairytale.  

His statement created still another
internal conflict in Christian theology,
this one at the core of Christianity, itself.  

On the other side,
if the Christian Bible really
is the literal word of God,
then the Pope is not infallible.  
Has the pope made and error
in a matter of the Church?  
Is that possible?  
Does this means that
some of the Papal proclamations have been wrong?
Does this means we can't simply trust
that the supreme head of Roman catholic Church
is telling us the truth?  
If that's true, then we are pushed into
the ultimate No-No of Christianity,
thinking for ourselves

The Pope can't be infallible and
in error at the same time.  
The Christian Bible can't be literal and
symbolic at the same time.  

So, where is the truth?  
The evidence directs us to the conclusion that
the belief in the Pope's infallibility and
the belief that the Bible is the literal word of God
are both false.  

But then, that's just what the evidence point to.  
Since God is all powerful, perhaps
He has performed another supernatural,
transcendental, magic act. 
Did He defy the rules of reality  and
make both of these stories true at the same time?  

How do us mere mortals deal with things of this nature?  
We simply ignore them.  
But ignoring the evidence
doesn't make it go away.  
It simply piles another shovel full of manure
onto the foul smelling mountain of Christian hypocrisy. 

If you are ready to climb out of
the sewer of religious lies,
The Truth That Will Set You Free 
is available at:

o. o. t.



An Internet Page on this Topic

o. o. t.


Found on line December 2011    It's still there today July 2, 2017


During his weekly address to the general audience of 8,500 people at the Vatican on July 28, 1999, Pope John Paul II rejected the reality of a physical, literal hell as a place of eternal fire and torment.   Rather, the pope said hell is separation, even in this life, from the joyful communion with God.   According to an official Vatican transcript of the pope's speech, Pope John Paul II noted that the Scriptural references to hell and the images portrayed by Scripture are only symbolic and figurative of "the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God.

He added,  "Rather than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy."

He said hell is "a condition resulting from attitudes and actions which people adopt in this life."

Concerning the concept of eternal damnation, the pope said, "Damnation consists precisely in definitive separation from God, freely chosen by the human person, and confirmed with death that seals his choice for ever." The pope also added, "The thought of hell and even less the improper use of biblical images must not create anxiety or despair." Rather, he stated, it is a reminder of the freedom found in Christ.  

The Religion News Service reported that a Vatican-approved editorial published several weeks ago in the Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica agrees with the pope's latest pronouncement.   The editorial explicitly pronounced, "Hell exists, not as a place but as a state, a way of being of the person who suffers the pain of the deprivation of God" (Los Angeles Times, 7-31-99).   The pope said eternal damnation is "not God's work but is actually our own doing." Only a week earlier the pope stated that heaven is neither "an abstraction nor a place in the clouds, but a living, personal relationship of union with the Holy Trinity. "  

Such a statement on hell is strikingly similar to that made by Billy Graham several years ago in which he was quoted,   

The only thing I could say for sure is that hell means separation from God.   We are separated from his light, from his fellowship.   That is going to be hell.   When it comes to a literal fire, I don't preach it because I'm not sure about it.   When the Scripture uses fire concerning hell, that is possibly an illustration of how terrible it's going to be-not fire but something worse, a thirst for God that cannot be quenched.   (Time magazine, 1 1-1 5-93)  

Both Graham and now the pope completely reject the clear teaching of Scripture regarding the reality of a literal lake of fire that burns throughout all eternity.   The author of Hebrews taught that the reality of hell is a vital Bible doctrine (Heb. 6:1, 2).   Jude taught that believers are to contend for the faith (doctrine) once delivered unto the saints and that hell is a real, literal place of fire and torment Jude 3, 7).   The apostle Paul taught that those who knew not Christ would suffer the vengeance of God which entailed everlasting damnation (2 Thess. 1:8, 9).   The apostle John saw that hell was a real place (Rev. 14: 1 0; 20:10-15; 21:8).   And, Jesus Christ, Himself, taught that hell literally exists, that it lasts forever and that those who reject His perfect salvation would spend eternity therein (Matt. 13:41, 42; 18:8, 9; 25:41-46; Luke 16:19-31).

Rejection of the Biblical doctrine of hell by the pope and Graham does not nullify the fact that a literal hell truly exists. "Let God be true, but every man a liar" (Rom. 3:3, 4).

o. o. t.







That number is an approximation. 
It is the most common number I hear.  
Other Numbers include: 
13,000 years,   25,000 years,  Billions of years.    

Planetary Ascension Update, Increasing Sentience:        

      Published on Nov 12, 2016  
       November 12, 2016   by Lisa Renee   

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David Icke 2016 Shocking News:  






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The Ultimate Weapon
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