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How We Can

Solve all 25 Major

National Financial Problems

with Debt-Free Money Directly 
from the U.S. Treasury or
from any State Treasury









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Interview Summary


There is one and only one thing that is causing every one of our nation's financial problems!  

The Cause Is:  

A huge portion of the money supply has been intentionally pulled out of our nation's economy by the Cabal Criminal Bankers who control both the Federal Reserve and our nation's money supply.    

The Solution Is incredibly Simple

Replace the Missing Money!

<><><>   <><><>    

We can quickly and easily and permanently
End the highly destructive Weather Manipulation
& solve every one of the entire nation's financial problems
with one, incredibly simple, perfectly legal action.
Issue Debt-Free-Money directly form the U. S. Treasury

Or From Any  State Treasury
in the Entire United States 

<><><>   <><><>   

The banking criminals are financing every one of a huge number of intentionally-created, environmental problems.  They are financing the genetic engineering of the Earth's weather.  

If this destruction is allowed to continue, it will dramatically and drastically diminish and/or destroy the Earth's ability to sustain its human population.   

Your life is in danger.   Here's your bottom line:  
Wake up or die along with your entire family.   This page will show you an incredibly simple way to get rid of the Cabal criminal bankers.   

<><><>   <><><> 

Our present monetary system is polluted, corrupt, and rotten to the core.   It's a fraud, a sham, and a disgrace.   The nation's monetary system is owned, controlled, and manipulated against the people and for profit by a private, foreign, and domestic cartel of Cabal banking criminals

Their public, front organization is the Federal Reserve.   It dominates, controls, and manipulates the nation's money supply.   Because money rules everything on the entire planet, the banking criminal are our secret and silent dictators.

It has gotten so rotten that the entire system must either get a major overhaul or be replaced completely.   Most people falsely believe that this presents a huge logistical problem.   That's a false belief..   It's actually quite simple if done one step at a time.

This page explains how we can make this major transformation rather quickly and quite simply with NO chaos, NO confusion, and NO fuinancial collapse.   We can begin today and do so with grace and easee.














The Money Basics


Q      In this, our forth interview, we are here to talk about everybody's second favorite topic, money.    Introduce us to money.  

Let me begin with one simple fact of financial life: 

There is one and only one thing that is causing ALL the nation's financial problem!  

Q      And that thing is . . . ? 

That the Cabal Criminal Bankers have intentionally withdrawn a huge portion of the money supply out of the the people's  portion of the economy.    

We can quickly and easily and permanently solve every one of the entire nation's major financial  problems with one, incredible simple, perfectly legal action.  

Q      How?   

By simply issuing  Debt-Free-Money directly form the United States Treasury.   The solution is absolutely that simple!  

Q      That a pretty bold statement    Why do you say that?  

Because  the present monetary system in the United States is polluted, corrupt, and rotten to the core.   It's a fraud, a sham, and a disgrace.   The nation's monetary system is owned, controlled, and manipulated against the people and for profit by a private, foreign, and domestic cartel of Cabal Criminal Bankers.  It's public front organization is the Federal Reserve.  

Q      It can't be that bad.  

But, it is.   Here's just one example"

For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve has been openly and shamelessly running the greatest, most-lucrative, longest-lasting financial swindle the world has ever seen.    

It's the only system in the entire world where someone can lend you something that doesn't exist and charge you money (interest) for its use.   Trillions of American tax dollars, that's thousands of billions of dollars of money belonging to you and to me  has been funneled into the vaults of the Cabal criminal bankers through this openly obvious Ponzi scheme.   

Q      Wow!   

That's the bad news.   Here's the good news:   

The entire financial fiasco is actually incredibly easy to solve using Debt-Free-Money issued directly from the United States Treasury.   

All we have to do is take the first step and the transformation into a world of peace, cooperation, and abundance will begin.   Once we punch the first hole in the cabal's banking system, the transformation process will flow as easily as water flows down hill.  

Q      What's the first hole?  

Issuing debt-Free-Money directly form the United States Treasury.

Q     I find both the bad news and the good news to be unbelievable.  

That's because you've been programmed to believe the Cabal lies about money.   In terms of controlling the human population, lies and illusions about money are second in power and effectiveness only to lies and illusions about religion.   

Q      What kind of lies?  

Thousands of them, beginning with the lies about the nature of reality.   Related to money, one of the major  lies is the belief in scarcity.   This lie says that there is not enough goods and services for everybody, and that in order for you to have something, someone else must do without.   This is part of separation consciousness.   It's us against them.   It triggers fear, conflict, fighting,  and wars.   

As you can see in the above example, all the lies are interrelated, so picking out one, specific piece of this overall scam gives a very limited answer.  











Debt-Free Money


Q      OK, then tell us about the benefits of Debt-Free-Money. 

Money issued direct from the U.S. Treasury is Debt-Free.   Its greatest value is that it totally and forever cancels the power and control of the Cabal banking criminals.     

Q      When you say Debt-Free, what do you mean? 

It means that there's nobody charging interest for its use.   For example, in 2013, you and I and the other U. S. taxpayers paid 415 billion dollars in interest on the national debt.   Every penny of that went to the money lenders.

Paying all future government financial obligations with money issued directly for the U. S. treasury means there will be no more borrowed money and no more money lenders.    This will forever end the national debt.    

Q      It's not being done, so, is this hard to do?

No. Issuing Debt-Free-Money directly from the U.S. Treasury is incredibly simple.   It's totally legal.   It's fully effective.   It's easy to implement, and it could  be started today.  

It will not only cancel the power of the Cabal criminals, it will completely replace the Federal Reserve, and when implemented slowly and  with discretion, it will solve every one of the nation's 25, major, financial problems.  

Q      Wow!   Debt-Free-Money issued directly from the U. S. Treasury can do all that?  

Yup!   And more.   Debt-Free-Money is only the door opener.   It's the path to the solution.   In and of itself, it is NOT the solution.   It's the results we want to focus on.   

Imagine what your life will be like:  

***   When the Government is no longer controlled
         by Cabal criminal bankers,     

***   When we are no longer paying 415 billion dollars per year
        to the bankers as interest on the national debt  -- 
        A debt payment for the use of non-existent money,   

***   When the people no longer pay taxes
        to the government for anything,

***   When the mainstream media begins telling us the truth,  

***   When the nation's 25 major Cfinancial problems are solved.

Imagine what your life will be like when you realize that you are a powerful creator and that you are in control of your own life.

Q      Peace, prosperity, cooperation, abundance, love, joy.   

And more!   In the face of all this potential, the Debt-Free-Money  solution is being completely ignored by those who have the power to implement this change.   Either those who claim to be working for the good of the people are just more Cabal criminal scammers or they are (to say this politely) incredibly naive.  

How to implement the process of issuing money from the U. S. Treasury is explained in detail on the TLC-Life-Center website title: The Real Platinum Coin Solution.   This is NOT The Single, Trillion-Dollar-Coin Fairytale.  

<><><>   <><>><>

Q      What will be the result of shifting from debt-based money to Debt-Free-Money?    

Debt-Free-Money can be used to solve every one of the nation's 25, major, financial problems.   We've listed and described each of the benefits on our EconomicJustice.info website.   

Reference:  http://www.Economic-Justice.info/

The first use of Debt-Free-Money will be to pay for the construction of a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez strait.   This relatively simple infrastructure project, when completed, will prevent a major  San Francisco earthquake from triggering series of catastrophic events that end in a severe national financial depression.  

Q      Can you explain that?   

Yes, but for two reasons, we'd best not do so right now.   First, this topic is the subject of a separate audio/video interview, and second, it's already explained in great detail on one of our websites: 












From Any State Treasury


Concept Summary:

By issuing Debt-Free-Money directly form a state treasury we can bypass the Federal government.   

It's much easier, much safer, and much more in line with human nature to start small (Kaizen)  and expand than it is to start big  (innovation).  

It's much easier to protect a state governor than it is to protect a president.   

A governor who orders his state's treasury to issue Debt-Free-Money can temporarily stop making public appearances and simply remain safe and secure in the Governors mansion.   Once the new money supply breaks the Cabal's financial  stranglehold on the American people, the Cabal themselves will become obsolete and their financial power will be gone.   At that point all the criminal activity that the Cabal used to finance will stop for lack of money.   At that time, the governor can safely emerge back into public activities and be hailed as an American hero.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>
<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>


Now, Back to the Interview:



Here's another factor that will make this process far simpler than directly confronting the Cabal criminals at the federal level.  

Q      And that is . . .  

By issuing Debt-Free-Money directly form any state treasury in any state in the entire United States.  

Q      Is that legal?  

Yes, and a few states already have a state system set up to do this. 

Editor's Note:   Readers are invited to read the footnote in the transcript of this interview where we  address the issue of Why Humans conform to Unjust Laws.  

Q     Why go to the states?   

Because the Cabal criminals secretly own and control all three branches of the federal government.   They secretly own and control all major government agencies and almost all to the federal politicians take their voting orders from the Cabal criminals.   

This also takes us back in the direction our Founding Fathers intended.  

Q      What do you mean?

Although, today, the states are dominated by the federal government, our founding fathers created our political system the other way around.   

Q      They created it backwards?  

No.   It's backwards now.  The colonists created a republic of independent states.   The states created the federal government for two purposes and for two purposes only.   First was to manage foreign affairs and second was to act as a arbitrator in the event that states had conflicting issues with each other.  

The federal government was never meant to be the huge, parasitic dictatorship that is is today.   The federal government does not exist by the free will choice of the people.   It a criminal-controlled, corporate dictatorship.   The money men run everything.  

Q     The states aren't free either, so why go to the states?  

Because it is be far easier to begin replacing the Federal Reserves debt-based money with Debt-Free-Money if we begin in a single state.    

Q      The Cabal criminals murdered both President Lincoln
         and President Kennedy because they created Debt-Free-Money
         directly from the U.S. treasury.   

         What makes you believe
          that a state governor can avoid being murdered f
          for issuing state, Debt-Free-Money?     

Because state official are much easier to protect.  

Q      Describe that for us.      

By issuing Debt-Free-Money directly form a state treasury we can bypass the Federal government.   

It's much easier, much safer, and much more in line with human nature to start small (Kaizen)  and expand than it is to start big  (inovation).  

It's much easier to protect a state governor than it is to protect a president.   

A governor who orders the State treasury to issue Debt-Free-Money can simply remain safe and secure in the Governors mansion.  

[although governors come in both genders, for simplicity of this explanation, the governor will be referred to in the feminine gender.]

With television and the other electronic tools available to us today, such as holographic projection, the governor  could conduct business as usual.   Under these circumstances, no outside people would be physically near her.    With even the crude holographic technology we have today, by holographic projection she could be in any location and talk with anybody.  

Once the new money supply breaks the Cabas's financial stranglehold on the American people, the Cabal themselves will become obsolete and their financial  power will be gone.   At that point all the criminal activity that the Cabal used to finance will stop for lack of money.   At that time, the governor can safely emerge back into public activities and be hailed as an American hero.

Q      What would she do with the money?  

One of the first things she would create is Freedom Radio and Freedom Television.   The broadcasts would be free of Cabal lies and propaganda.  

The Second thing she would do is direct the state treasurer to issue Debt-Free-Money to pay for re-rebuild the state's infrastructure, highways, roads, bridges, schools, update water and sewer systems et cetera. 

Q      Tell us about the Freedom Radio and Freedom Television
         What would it accomplish.   What would the tell the people
         that the mainstream media isn't telling them?

The Truth!   The Cable criminal bankers own all the major media.   99% of what they tell us is either an outright lie or its a lie by not telling vitally important information.   

Q      Please give us some examples.   

They don't inform you that a secret and silent weather manipulation war is being waged against the American people.  

They don't tell us the truth about the nature of reality.  

They don't tell us that every one of the nation's 25, major, financial problems can be easily solved by issuing Debt-Free-Money direct from the U.S. treasury.  

If you want more examples, there are a few hundred more to choose from.

Q     That's enough.   Now tell me about using Debt-Free-Money
        to rebuild the state's infrastructure?  

This would dramatically stimulate the state's economy.   It would end the state's unemployment problem.  

It would demonstrate that it is possible to rebuild the American way of life. 

It would be a roll model for other states.   It would produce a powerful demand that this same process be done on a national level.

And the whole thing is incredible simple.  

Q     But if you try  to do that, the Cabal criminals will
         fight you every step of the way.  
         There getting very desperate.   
         They'd murder any governor who tried to do this
         before he even got started.    

The first thing you must understand is that we do it.   We don't try.   Trying is justifying failure.   

Q      Ok, how is that done?

By using the same primary tool that the Cabal criminals use, secrecy.   

Q      Is that a secret, or can you  tell me about it.  

The only thing that has to be kept secret about this is the governor's decision to do it- to create a state system of Debt-Free-Money or to activate an existing system.   She has to keep that decision to herself up until the moment that the decision to do so is announced.   Even the governor's husband cannot be informed ahead of time.  

By the time the Cabal criminals know its happening, it's already under way, the governor is safe and secure in the governor's mansion, and too late to murder her to stop it.  

Q      The Cabal could harm  her family.   How do you deal with that?  

The family would be offered temporary secure residences.   They would be informed about all the what and why of the governor's actions.   

If they chose to not stay at a secure location they could go wherever they choose.   They would be offered security with them 24/7.   They would be informed that we live in free will universe.   They would also be told that they and they alone are responsible for  consequences create by their choices and by their activities. 

Q      Something like  this doesn't just pop up full grown. 
        It would have to have planning
        and planning would alert the Cabal criminals.  

This is where the American military veterans come in.    The veterans that I've shared a pre-decision set up procedure with have said, they are willing to assist in its creation.  

I'm sure there are a few hundred thousand more that will get on board when they hear about it.  

Q      Can you tell us about it?   

Yes.   We hire American veterans to do the reserch rquired and to set up and design the specifics of the plan.   Here's an overview of how to do it.    

          Use of the New Money:  

***    Examine the infrastructure in each state.  

***   Determine what needs rpair or replace ment.    

***   Arrange the list of potential projects in terms of priority  

The top of the list, priority project one is where the first, Debt-Free-Money  goes.  


Q      Won't all this new money creat infltion.   

No, because the money is used to create tangible things of value that will be used in the process of creating more things of value.   

Q      Like what?   

tangible goods
social and personsl services for each other.   

Q      What kind of services?   Give us some examples.

Dental services, medical services, veterans medicl services, educational services.   These are the equivelelant of the gold bcking up the money.  

         The Debt-Free-Money Banking System:

Q     How do you set up the state banking system?   

With regard to a public service banking system that serves the people, the monetary system has already been designed and set up, the infrastructure is already inplace, the people to run the new system are alresdy there.      

We simply set up new, parellel, Debt-Free-Money accounts right allong side the existing fiat monetary accounts and then slowly, gently, with grace and ease, we move from the old to the new.  

We invite the people to exchange their debt-based money for Debt-Free-Money....We use the debt-based money that we take in from the people to pay off loans to the Cabal Bankers.  

The Cabal criminals are simply replaced.   They become useless , un-needed, no onger reevant, and thus, that are eased out of existance.   We don't fight them.   WeIgnore them.    We create that which we choose to create!   

Other state would soon copy the first state.   The two states would agree to accept each other's money.   Additional sates would join in.   This would create a powerful force on the president to do  the same thing on a natinal level.  









Innovation  /  Mega-Change


Q      If debt-Free-Money is so potent and powerful, why isn't it being used?    

Because the Cabal banking criminals own and control our monetary system.   They control most of the major politicians who run the U.S. federal government.   They also own or control the mainstream media so vast majority of the people have no idea that the Debt-Free-Money solution even exists.       

Q      I've heard stories about organizations such as the White Dragon Society are about to create a new banking system that will completely replace the Cabal Criminals.   What can you tell us about that?    

For years, we've been hearing the financial fairytale about this or that group of men with trillions of dollars in gold or in bonds who, any day now, will come along and rescue all seven billion of us with one stroke of their magic wand.   As the story goes, they and their magic money will turn financial hell into a heaven of abundance for all. 

Q    You don't sound very impressed with these stories?   

I'm not.   Their first story was to give everybody a huge amount of money.   Whomever came up with that fairytale had to be a financial idiot or a Cabal agent

Q     Why do you say that?   

Because the very first, the simplest, and the most basic economic principle, the law of supply and demand tells us that such a foolish act would trigger a hyper-inflation and make all that money worthless.  

What does that tell you about the ability of those who claim to be able to solve the world's financial problems?  

Q     It questions their competence.   Is that their major problem?

No.   Attempting mega-change is.   

Q      What's mega-change?                                 mega-change     

Mega-change (commonly called innovation) is like trying to climb a mountain in one step.   It's like trying to eat an elephant in one bite.   It's saying we can solve an incredibly complex, global-level problem for seven billion people in a matter of a few days with one single mega-change.  

Q      What about the resistance they'll get from the Cabal criminals?  

You've just exposed another major reason why the success of mega-changes are highly unlikely.   The mega-change men are facing a huge, highly sophisticated, deeply entrenched, completely ruthless, fight-to-the-death opposition with literally billions of dollars to spend destroying anything that threatens their existence.  

The Cabal criminals will do absolutely anything.   They started every war in the 20th century, assassinated President Kennedy, committed mass murder at the World trade center, dramatically destroyed the environment and they are now attempting genetically engineer millions of people out of existence with GMO Foods.  

The only thing that these psychopaths  are afraid of is the fact that literally millions of us are waking up and realizing that we are eternal, non-physical divine beings having an human experience in a physical body on Earth in a holographic universe.  

But, we've covered that aspect of reality in great detail in our first two interviews, so let's stick to the money issue.

Q      OK, what else?   

In terms of fitting into human psychology and into normal human behavior, they are, once again, being incredibly naive.   

Q      What do you mean?  

Humans resist major changes because they find them frightening.   If you make a progressive series of small changes, you can still reach the same goal without all the resistance.

Q      Do those proposing mega-change know what they're doing?  

We really don't know who these men are and we don't have any idea of their financial skills.   From what little we hear, they are either hopelessly incompetent or they're nothing more than peddlers of Cabal dis-information.  

Those who think they can change the entire financial system for the whole world in one huge mega-change (innovation as distinct from Kaizen) may be right.   I hope that they are, and I wish them well.   

Q      Is there any evidence?  

Innovation has a long track record.   Most of the results were failures.  

Q       Where's their positive and  supporting evidence the supports making a financial mega-change?    

They may have mountains of evidence.   I have yet to see any.   If I may be a bit sarcastic,  "The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny may be having an affair in my attic, but we don't have any evidence to support that story, either. 

Q      Are there any other problems with mega change?  

      ***  Where is all that gold going to come from?  

      ***  If that much gold exists, how are
             the would-be-do-gooders going to obtain it?     

      ***  We hear a lot of talk about trillion-dollar bonds.  
             Bonds are just more, useless, paper promises.     

      ***  Who is going to hold  the gold?  

      ***  How do we know that those
             who claim to be holding the gold are actually holding it?  

      ***  How do we know that the gold bars
             are not gold-plated tungsten?

      ***  How shall its value be related to
             the pager money in circulation?   

      ***  How can such a huge transformation be made
             in a very short time?  

     ***   Who is going to be in control?  

      ***   Who makes the decisions?  

And here's the real problem with a gold-backed monetary system:   Backing up a monetary system with gold is obsolete and completely unnecessary.    We'll talk more about that when we discuss  The Gold Fairytale.

Q      Is there anything else?

Yes.   If the mega-change people really exist, what they are proposing is just one more HUGE, from-the-top-down change of a political control system.   It could easily turn out like every other from-the-top-down political change the world has ever seen.  

Q      How so?  

One set of criminals simply replaces another set of criminals.  

And where's the action?   They've been all talk and no action for years now.   And while all their bovine feces is laying around under foot, The criminals are still in control  --  environmental destruction is running at warp speed  --   and the silent war against the American people continues unabated.  

And if they somehow do attempt this mega change and they fail, Global chaos will follow as surely as day follows night.   









Kaizen  /  One Step at a Time


Q      You mentioned Kaizen as an alternative approach.  
         What is Kaizen?  

Kaizen is the name of a technique used to make changes one step at a time.   It's a process by which a person or a business (or some organized group of people) make a continuing series of small, incremental, positive changes that eventually and collectively result in major transformations.  

The goal of the kaizen process is to improve the quality, joy, comfort, efficiency, and/or functionality in a business or in any other area of one’s life.   

Q      This is very different from what the mega-change men
         are proposing.  

It is.   In our present-day social system, most of us have been programmed to believe that successful change comes in big steps and major pieces -- that large change is good change -- that the way to succeed is to make the largest possible change in the shortest possible time.   This approach is called "Innovation."  

Innovation is too big to cope with.   It's awkward.   It's cumbersome.  It's threatening.   It's scary as hell.   It's in direct conflict with human nature which resists change, and it has a huge track record of failure.   

Q      How is Kaizen different?  

In the Kaizen approach to change, the individual changes are small enough for people to handle.   When compared to a single, huge mega-change, people can much more easily adjust to a series of small changes which occur over time.  

Kaizen is in harmony with human nature which wants consistency and dependability.   Humans are creatures of habit.   Even when things are bad, humans resist change.   Small changes significantly reduce the fear of failure.

Another major aspect of human nature is the strong (often unconscious) desire for connections to people, places, things, situations, circumstances, ways of being, and God.     Innovation (mega-change) smashes connections and produces a significant amount of stress.  

When compared to innovation, Kaizen moves gently away from old ways.   This produces far less stress, less resistance to change, and significantly reduces the threat of change.  

When a small change fails to produce the intended result, mid-course corrections are relatively easy to make.   When innovation (mega-change) fails, the results are often catastrophic and require extensive effort to make corrections.   In a mega-change failure there are often huge financial loses and significant time wasted.  

Kaizen has a strong history of success.   Then, there's integration time.   

Q      What's that?   

With any change, a period of time is required for people to acclimate themselves to the new ways.   Changes are most successful and most easily accepted when they are small and when each new step is followed by an integration time.  

Q     So, you are suggesting that we eat our
         elephant of transformation one bite at a time?   

Yes, definitely.   The step by step approach to social transformation discussed in this interview series and described at www.Truth101.org is a Kaizen approach.   When we apply the Kaizen approach to using Debt-Free-Money to solve the nation's 25, major, financial  problems, it's almost guaranteed to succeed.   The only risk involved is in attempting to make changes too fast.  

Let me give you an example of a step by step transformation that will produce huge changes.   

Q      OK, I'm listening.  

Remember, the physical universe in which we live is a holograph.   A holograph is controlled by consciousness.   It is NOT controlled by manipulating physical stuff.  

When you have  a complete understanding of  and are fully functional as  who and what you really are,  you can create anything you want.  

Eventually, when you learn how to function in your new reality, you'll be able to create anything you want.   You'll have no need for money.  So, the question is:    "How do we get from where we are now into the 5th dimension?   

Q      Obviously not in one big jump,
         so, give us the step at a time approach.   

We begin wherever we are.  Whatever exists, whatever we are expereincing right here, right now is our starting point.   Our first four interviews describe the first four steps into a world of peace, harmony, joy, Llove, and abundance.

In our first interview, we discussed  the nature of reality. 

In our second interview, we focused on life in a holographic universe.      

In our third interview, we asked is there anything that urgently needs our attention?   

The answer was immediately clear: Build a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait.   This barrier is urgently needed to prevent a major earthquake in or near San Francisco from triggering a series of catastrophic events that end with a severe, national, financial depression.

In this, our fourth Interview,  we focused on money and the blessing of Debt-Free-Money.   

As we start taking these four beginning steps, huge vistas of opportunity will show up and the next steps will be so obvious you'll be saying, "Why didn't I see this sooner?"   

Q      Can you give us an example?  

Yes, here's an example of the blessings of Debt-Free-Money.   When we pay for the storm surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait with money directly form the U. S. Treasury, that small step opens the door to solving all 25 of the nation's major financialproblems.  

I'll describe solving just one of these problems, the process of eliminating the national debt.    

Q     You can eliminate a 17 Trillion dollar debt
         with Debt-Free Money?    


Q      This I've got to hear.  

Step one is to pay all future federal government's financial obligations with money issued directly from the United States Treasury.   This stops the debt from getting any bigger.  

Step two is to invite the public to exchange their debt-based, Federal Reserve notes for debt-free, U. S. Treasury notes at a rate of dollar for dollar.   

The third step is for the banks to convert the people's money in checking and savings accounts to U.S. Treasury money.  

This process could also be used to stimulate the economy by making the exchange rate at $1.20 in treasury note for $1.00 in Federal Reserve notes for all cash exchanges up to $3,000 and in all personal checking and savings accounts up to $3,000.    

Q     Are you proposing this because The bonus exchange would put money in the pockets of those who need it most?


The fourth step is for the banks that handle the people's day to day financial transactions, such as checking and savings accounts, to take in debt-based money but never give it back out again to the people.   Instead all money going to the people would be in the form of debt-free, U. S. Treasury money.    

Step five is to apply the step four process to the trillions of dollars in electronic, financial transactions, only the conversions would be limited.   An individual could exchange up to a maximum of $100,000 per person and for corporations, the exchange would be $100,000 times the number of corporation employees.    

Q      Why the 100 thousand dollar limit?   

We'll get to that in a moment.   Let's first list the beginning steps.

The Federal Reserve Notes (the debt-based money) that the people exchange for Debt-Free-Money is then used to pay off debt to the Federal Reserve and other financial lenders.  

Q      So, you pay off the financial obligations
         to the Cabal criminals with their own money? 

Yes, and by limiting the exchanges to $100,000 per person, this prevents them from converting all their debt-based money to Treasury notes and leaves them with their own soon-to-be-worthless money.   

Q      So, what happens to all the worthless money?  
         Is there any way to use it before it becomes worthless?  

Yes, we can say to the super-wealthy corporations and to the super-wealthy individuals,  "For every $100,000 you give away to someone who has little or no money, you can convert another $50,000 of your Federal reserve money to Debt-Free Money from the U. S. Treasury."    

Q      Won't there be a need to find a way to prevent
         all that money given to the poor people
         from triggering an inflation spiral?   

Yes, a way will be devised to prevent this money from being inserted into the economy too quickly.   

When the transition is well underway, Secretary of the Treasury announces that Federal Reserve note holders have only 60 more days to exchange their Federal Reserve money to U.S. Treasury money. 

At the end of the exchange time, the Cabal criminals and their drug peddling friends, and all other criminals hoarding hidden dollars will be left with worthless paper.   

Q     Can this really pay off the entire national debt?   Is there enough Federal Reserve money to do this?

The national debt is about 17 trillion dollars.   The total money supply is about 600 times that amount.  

This step-at-a-time change would not only end the national debt, it would also end the wasting of billions of your tax dollars every year paying interest on that debt.   

Q      That's incredibly simple.    

That's why the Cabal criminals are fighting so hard to prevent any use of U. S. Treasury notes.  

Q      And you're saying that this is only one
        of 25, major, financial  problems that can be solved with
        Debt-Free-Money issued from the United States Treasury?   

That I am.   Go to our Economic Justice website and examine the evidence for yourself.   










The Gold Fairytale


Q      Where does gold fit into this?  

In a world of scarcity and run by criminals, each of us has to protect our valuables from being stolen by the criminals.   Using gold to back-up the value of paper dollars in a monetary system is a safety precaution against semi-secret theft by inflation.    

Q      How does that work?  

With a gold-backed paper currency, the Cabal criminal bankers can't steal the value our of the money by inflation

To backed up the value of a currency with gold is only required in a belief system that is based upon scarcity and in a world where people do not understand that they are divine creators who can, themselves,  create anything they choose.  

Q      So gold backing is strictly third-dimension thinking?

Definitely, clearly, YES!   Let me address the security/stealing issue from the perspective of the Newtonian-world-made-of-stuff and then from the perspective of the world that is made of energy controlled by consciousness.  

In the Newtonian world, a world where people are fooled into believing lies like humans are separate from God, nature, and each other, in a world where people believe in scarcity, in a world where people believe that violence solves problems, ones assets are vulnerable to theft.  

In the Newtonian world, the major threat to your dollars, takes the form of inflation.   Inflation is an excess supply of money chasing the same amount of goods and services.   If this happens, it reduces the value of the money already out in circulation and thus, the holder of the money loses some of his/her assets.   

When prices rise, what really happens is that the value of the dollar goes down, and it takes more of them to purchase goods and services.  In the Newtonian world, allowing paper money to be converted to gold at any time is the guarantee against the bankers stealing the value out of the paper dollars by inflation.  

<><><>   <><><>   

In the concept we are proposing, Debt-Free Money is used to pay the people to:
      ***   create high-quality goods that last for many years,
               such as tools and containers,
      ***   create more creation capacity
               such as rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and
      ***   create more public services
               such as education and medical services.  

As long as that balance between the things of value created and the money supply, there's no inflation and nobody loses anything.  

Q     Are you saying that the assets backing up the money can be things like building bridges, repairing roads, and upgrading our electric power system?  

Definitely, yes.  Here's another major asset worth trillions of dollars that can be created by a few million Debt-Free-Dollars issued directly from the U. S. Treasury.  

Q      What asset is that?    

It's a storm surge barrier built in the Carquinez strait that will prevent a major San Francisco earthquake from triggering a series of disastrous events that end in a severe national depression.  

From the perspective of the world is made of energy controlled by consciousness, when you realize your potential to create anything you choose, there's no need to steal anything.   Even in the Newtonian world, stealing is, in the long term, a self destructive act.   When a person realizes his or her true nature, stealing someone else's creations would never ever even  be considered.      

Q      Is there more, or can we continue to discuss the money?  

There's a lot more, but we don't have the time to go into it now.   For those interested in more information on holographic realaity, I recommend that listeners/viewers go to the transcript of this interview on the Truth101.org website  and follow the links that they'll find there.  

<><><>   <><><>

The issuing of Debt-Free-Money directly from the United States Treasury could have been started years ago.   It can be started TODAY!   It's an incredibly simple process.   If I may speak bluntly to those who plan to create a new monetary system based upon gold:   

Get off you asses and order the President to direct the Secretary of the Treasury to begin the process today! 

Our so-called new leaders are still stuck in the old world belief that one must have gold to back up the new money system.   That's simply another Cabal induced illusion.   

Q      Why do you say that?

For two reasons, first, there's the historical precedence.   Lincoln didn't have Gold to secure the value of the Debt-Free Money he used to pay for the Civil War that freed the slaves and saved the nation.  

And second, 99.9% of what you hear from the establishment is a lie.   Take a moment to ask, "Where did you hear the story that a monetary system must be backed up by gold?"       










Final Words


Q      Before we end this interview, is there anything else you'd like to share with our listeners and viewers?    

Yes,  the transition from the Cabal controlled world into the world of abundance and well-being for all is well under way.   Be patient a while longer.  

Please do your job and that job is to become aware of who and what you are.  

Q      Tell us one more time:   Who and what are we?  

You and I and everyone else, are each eternal, non-physical, divine beings having a human experience in a physical body, here on Earth in a holographic universe

Q      And your website address again please.    

Our website address is   
That's   W   W  W   dot   T   R   U  T   H  one   zero   one   dot   o   r   g.  

<><><><><><>   <><><><><><>

End of Interview  #4  

Solve 25, Major financial Problems
with Debt-Free Money from U. S. Treasury









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Footnotes and References


(o)>   Trillion-Dollar-Coin       

You may recall all the hoopla about the Sequester spending cuts in the 2013 federal budget.   The appropriate solution to this intentionally created problem was to replace the missing money with Debt-Free-Money directly from the U. S. treasury.   This, real issue, got totally buried and completely ignored in the mainstream media by a huge smokescreen called a Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin.  

The clamor against platinum coins was not really about the coin.   It was/is to cover up the fact that money (in any form) issued directly from the U.S. Treasury bypasses the Criminal Cabal Bankers and the Federal Reserve.     

<><><>   <><><>

(o)>    It's The Law:   

The criminal who run the government regularly tell us we are a nation of laws and that we must abide by the laws simply because they are the laws.   In their declarations, they (by lies of omission)  completely ignore two major factors.  

One, the criminal created the laws for their own benefit and to control the peoples behavior.   Laws DO NOT serve the people!   They serve the criminals.   

Second, they completely ignore any and all laws whenever they choose to.   They completely and totally violate just about every aspect of the Unites States Constitution. 

At the same time they declare that We The People must abide by the laws because they are the laws.   They use violence against those who do not obey the criminal-created laws.    

Gary Z McGee  Gives us an analysis of this scam.   I'll paraphrase a few thought from his analysis and ad add pieces my own perspective.  

First, if you buy this excuse, it turns your mind off.   It's designed to completely derails logic and  reason.  

Second, its a demand that the public do or not do something.   It was created by and for the Cabal criminals.   It commoly goes contrary to public well-being.   It commonly goes against what the majority of the public wants.   The criminals got the politicians to create the law.   They use the policeand the courts to force public compliance.  

Third its not a reason.  It's a false, thought-interrupting justification.    It's a meaningless excuse.   When you add "why do this" to a command people stop thinking and simply obey.    No mater how stupid or ridiculous the why statement is, many people will mindlessly accept it and obey the command/law.  

Fourth, It takes something that is a completely false Cabal creation and makes it sound like its the right, god-intended way for humans to behave. 

Fifth, codifing public behavion implies that the commanded behavior into something that should not be criticized or analyzed or challenged.    

Also, it has religious implications.   It inserts the state betwen humans and the only true authority, Source/ Creator/ God.    It's an external authority inserted into the holograph reality that welive in.  

If you are not yet familiar with the holographic Universe and the Lizzerdz Team Theory,  Please examine these two pages.  

Your life depends upon it.  
And the is the liteal truth. 
At first, you'll not believe what you are reading.  
Because you have been mind-controlled and programmed: 
***    Not to believe anything new.  
***    To turn your mind off and just follow the leaders.  
***   To obey the law, not because its right,
         but just bedause it's the law.
***   To believe the lies that the mainstream media tells you.  
***   To believe thelaws the politicians tell you.   
***  to believe the government is helping you
        when in fact, governments are owned and controlled
        by the Cabal criminals, who in turn are owneda and
        controlled by the Lizzerdz whose intent is
        to murder you about 6.5 billion of your fellow humans.
















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