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(o)>   Sex, LSD, and Consciousness Expansion   Wow!   Just plain WOW!    


(o)>   Sheiyt   Are you aware that your mind is full of sheyit?     


(o)>   South-Oriented Maps   

State of Being         State of Being Defined       

Street Protests, Pros and Cons of . . .      

Success - Celebrating Success    


The Swing     A beautiful painting by Pierre A. Cot        






Search - The Longest Search


The Longest Search Finally Ends      

What is that    ever-present, internal longing,
That feeling that    something is not quite right,
That feeling that    something is missing and mysterious,   
That wanting to go home but not knowing what or where home is?

Most of us have spent much of our lives
searching and seeking an answer to. 
The Ultimate Mystery?  
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I can't say that I have finally found  the  answer, 
But I can say that I have found  an  answer,
an  answer that, if it's not the answer,
it's a pretty good imitation of the answer.   

That Answer is:    
      To  be Source/Creator/God and still be me.  

     To be intimately enfolded in the Llove of Source/Creator/God
                and still be free and still be me.  

Most of us cannot consciously go to God without dying.   
BUT, as it turns out, that when we understand
The Nature of Reality, we can bring God to Earth.  

How do we do that?   
By becoming aware of and re-directing our point of attention 
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness:

By remembering that
we are are each an eternal, divine being 
having a human experience in a physical body on Earth in
Source/ Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.    

We already are God-Beings in physical form.  
Our job is to remember who and what we are!  

God is already here on Earth.  
Our job is to recognize / realize / remember
that God is in ourselves and also in every other human being.  
We are eternal divine beings having a human experience.  

Our job is to express that knowing.  
By living as a God-Beings in physical form.  
By being the Great Creators that we are
If you don't yet know who and what you are, 
study this website.   It will teach you.  

Here's a place to start:     





Separation Consciousness


This is one of the Four Big Lies   This lie says that we (humans) are separate form God, separate from nature and separate from our fellow humans.    

Separation Consciousness is the underlying cause of almost every single social, political, financial, religious, of environmental problem on the entire planet?  

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See:   Separate From Nature   <>





Sex, LSD, and Consciousness Expansion


LSD is, by far,
      the greatest sexual-pleasure enhancer
            you'll ever encounter in your entire life.  

Would you like to 
ingesting LSD and then have

. . . .
The Most Profound
. . . . . . . . The Most Enjoyable
. . . . . . . . . . . Sexual Experience
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of Your Entire Life?

If you want to experience sex that is ten times better than the greatest sex you have ever known, you must first
Legalize Marijuana!    


LDS will also open your mind to worlds that were previously unknown to you.          






Sheyitt      Sheiyt    Sheyit



Sheyitt includes
(but is not limited to)
*   What you judge to be bad,
*   What you tell   khold-priki   (bad feeling)   stories about,
*   What you hear    khold-priki       stories about,
*   All your negative emotions such as
     fear, anger, hatred, sadness, grief, misery
*   Every Other Negative Emotion, as well, 
*   Plus  what you take in while watching television

When you take sheyitt in through any of your five senses,
you are creating your own, sheyitt-filled future.   

Every time you
*   Have a khold-priki (feel bad) thought,
*   Say a khold-priki word, or
*   Engage in a khold-priki activity,
*   When you think and/ or talk about
     your past khold-priki experiences
you are building your own, future khold-priki world, -
a world filled with sheyitt.

*   Every time you judge someone,
*   Every time you make a joke that puts someone down,  
*   Every time you laugh at someone else's pain, 
you are adding more sheyitt to your own life.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

The Sounds,
Aahh!   Uuhhh!    Ohmmm! 
are the antithesis of
the opposite of
the replacement for
everything that can fit into the category
we call "Sheyitt."   

How do you say the word Sheyitt?  
If you are wise, You Don't!  
Sheyitt is one of the unspeakable words
that create Khold-Priki, the feel bad feelings.   

Here's the Cosmic deal: 

Every time you speak, think, see, hear, taste,
touch, or smell any unspeakable Sheyit,
you are creating your own future --
a future filled with Sheyitt.   

Think about this for a moment:  
"You Are Full of Sheyitt" and that's the literal truth.  

If you want to get out of your Sheyitt-filled world,
go to the pages linked below.  

The First Lost Secret  of 
        Seven Lost Secrets of Llove 

         When you learn the truth about
          what you are, who your are, and
          the truth how the universe functions,
          Sheyitt fades out of your world

+++   Why Do You Believe What You Believe?     
            If you actually take the time to answer this question, 
            you'll be amazed at where this will lead you.    







South-Oriented Maps


In the Northern Hemisphere,

provide a much more direct orientation
to where we are physically located.     

Third dimension maps are oriented so that the viewer is looking as if he were in the south and was looking north.   As the viewer looks at a north-oriented map, north is at the top of the map.   East  is to the right and west is to the left.   The sun is out of sight behind him

Fifth Dimension Maps are oriented so that the viewer is looking as if he were in the north and was looking south.   As the viewer looks at a south-oriented map, south is at the top of the map.   East  is to the left and west is to the right.   Assuming a sunny day, the sun is overhead, visible and directly in front of him.

A south-oriented map has an ark of the sun on the map.   Sunrise to his left, sunset to his-her right,  noon at the top.   With the map place  in relation to the Earth, with the top facing south, this format gives that map viewer a direct and accurate connection to the Earth.   For example, at noon, the sun would be at the top of the map.  

The south-oriented, mapping format assist the viewer in being grounded, i.e.  connected to the Earth.




















     State of Being    Defined




A mental state of being
is a combination of
the beliefs,
the attitudes  and 
the expectations of a person. 

One's state of being also depends upon
his or her understanding of
How the Universe Functions.   

A person's mental state controls
what he or she will experience.         






Street Protests   Street Protests     .

  The Pros and Cons of Street Protests 


Here's what you probably don't know about street protests:  

In the Cabal Criminal Bankers' arsenal
of manipulation and control tools
street protests are just one more human-control-tool.   

***  Innocent people in public protest marches
are all to often taken over
by a very few Cabal-owned thugs
who are there for the express purpose of
creating confrontations and physical destruction.  

In such situations, mob consciousness can easily take over.  
If that happens, individual, rational thinking
easily gets lost and many protesters
become mindless robots.   

The protest can turn violent and destructive,
giving an excuse for still more
government control and repression.  

***  Cathartic release and energy consumption
is another major factor.  
Public protesting is valuable to the Cabal criminals
because the net result is a
cathartic energy release in the protesters.  
One can march and shout and then
go home and say, "I did something."  

After a day of marching and shouting
there's no energy left to do anything but to go home and rest.   
Very few people realize that that is
precisely why the Cabal criminals love street protests.  
The protesters have vented their frustration
in an all but useless expression.  

Did you ever wonder why contact-sports
such as football (symbolic war) soccer, hockey, and basketball
are so strongly promoted
by those who control our society?  

Competitive contact-sports, in addition to being
huge energy vents for the fans,
also promote divisiveness and group consciousness.  
Are you aware how strongly group consciousness
diminishes the importance of individuality?  

The goal of a street protest is usually
to get the criminals who control the government
to do something that they (the controllers)
have no intention of doing.  
The net result is almost always the same -- nothing changes.  

To march in the streets, carry signs, and
yell at passing cars do occasionally make a difference,
but in terms of producing results
it's mostly a stuck-in-the-mud, wheel-spinning,
waste of time and energy.    
It's Cabal-created futile gesturing
designed to give the street protesters t
he impression that they are actually doing something.  

Its value to the Cabal is that marching and yelling
is a cathartic, energy release.   
One can march and shout in the streets and
then go home and say,  "I did something."  

Here's the bottom line:  
After the march, the protesters return to their daily lives,
the Cabal criminals have another laugh, and nothing changes.  

Those who really want to take non-violent action in the streets,
apply the Ice Pick Strategy and Technique titled: 
How the 99% defeated the 1% with Ice Picks.  
Protesters stopped the controllers
by punching holes in the sides of all the tires
on Cabal controlled vehicles.  
The tire became useless and unrepairable
and thus the vehicles became useless. 
Always a team action.
2 inch-blade ice pick.
carried out of site in pocked.  
Sharp end held in wine bottle cork.       







Protests - Street Protests       Site 05


Street protests, such as Occupy Wall Street, have their place, but the response from The Powers That Be is to simply send out the police and then, for the super-wealthy, it's business as usual.   To overcome their political and financial power, there are at least two additional strategies than can be much faster and far more effective.    http://www.HempRevolutionSolution.com/hemp-06-rosetta-tactics-strategy.html





Success-Celebrate Success


Whenever you succeed, celebrate your success.  
Feel the Fahzoom (the feel good) feelings.

Reference    Nothing Succeeds Like Success   





The Swing



"The Swing" is the title of a paining by Pierre A Cot.   The painting depicts  two lovers in a garden sitting together on a swing.  The female's face expresses the message of a girl smitten by her lover.  

A copy of this painting will be the role model for the content of the pictures in the Sensual Delights Network's gallery of art.   The Gallery's theme is Universal Spirituality, Divine Consciousness, Llove, lust, innocence, elegance and beauty.  

We invite artists to hang their picture in our gallery.   From those offered we select the most appropriate.  <><><>   

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The simultaneous or sequential occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.        .





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