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       Our Phoenix Has  Risen

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      FahZoom Town

         Declared into    




To All Our friends


We are here today (5 Mar 2016) to witness
the official declaration for the creation of FahZoom Town.   

FahZoom Town is a Fifth Dimension community of
Light, Llove, Truth, Beauty, Cooperation and Mutual Support.  

We introduce to you now,     Robin Fahzoom:


Dear Fellow Earth Dwellers,   

Than you.  

Ladies, gentleman, and every one else,  
welcome to our celebration.

First of all, remember
Who and what we are,  
Where we are
and understand the
Matrix/Context of Interference that we are in.    

Let us get straight to the point. 

We hereby create FahZoom Town
to be a Fifth Dimension community of
Light, Llove, Truth, Beauty, Cooperation, and Mutual Support.   
We declare/ command it to be so, and so it is.

We witness, we bless, and we express gratitude
for these creations and for everything else as well.  

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Our first and primary job is to expand
the consciousness expanding portion of our mission.  
You could say  
we are   and     we are creating  

The University of Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Our first job in consciousness expansion is to remember
Who and what we are.  

Once you understand who and what you are,
Serendipity begins her magic and 
everything  else quickly and easily falls into place.  

The Fifth Dimension training portion
      of our vision
            is fully functional
                        is available
right now, today.





Divine Protection


How do you create a Fifth Dimension community
in a third dimension world?  

For an April 2017 update on this topic:   

We skip all the stress, the chaos, and the violence
by going directly to Source/ Creator/ Goddess, Herself

We hereby invoke Divine protection
for all the people in Fahzoom Town.
We hereby invoke Divine protection
for all the people supporting our mission.  

In essence, what this means is
we vibrate at a higher rate of vibration
than the third dimension criminal matrix.  
Thus, the opposition cannot see us.  
We are invisible to them.  
The technology they used
to make themselves invisible to third dimension people
we now use to make ourselves invisible to them.  

Remember, we are functioning in
Source/ Creator/ Goddess's Holographic Universe.   

We are acting directly under the
Divine protection and Divine guidance of
Source/ Creator/ Goddess. 

NOTHING and I mean nothing trumps Source/ Creator/Goddess!









Footnotes and References - 1


Dealing with Third Dimension Interference:  

When we notice anything or anyone
that seems to be interfering with
our transition into full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
we flood it/them with Llove, compassion, and forgiveness.  

We hold all potential interferences as content
in our context called FahZoom Town 
We simply allow it/them and all other content to be as it is.  
This is called The Universal Law of Allowing.      

We move our point of focus back onto our mission/ context.  
Our mission is to create Earthly expressions of
Source/ Creator/ Goddess's Llove  --

Our mission is to manifest, to express and to experience
every aspect of Love
in its Earthly, physical form.   
S. C. Goddess's  children Truth and Beauty are our Guides.  





Footnotes and References - 2


Q      OK, where are we?  

Right now, (March 2015) all of humanity,
 is in the middle of the most profound transformation
in all of human history.  
The entire universe is in transition and
we, like leaves in a windstorm,
are being carried along to a peaceful, joy-filled destination.  
The context in which we (the collective we) live
is transforming into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

Our job is to wake up and to become
one of the lights that point the way.  

Q      Sure!   Those are nice words,
          but they don't mean a damned thing to me
          in my day to day life.   Talk to me in my language.

Then, let me give you the bottom line in a few sentences.  

Most people still believe that
we change our personal lives and
we change our society
by doing thing,
by manipulating physical stuff, and
by forcing others to do or not do things.  
That's a false 3rd dimension belief.  

Change is a product of our thoughts, our beliefs,
our attitudes, and our expectations. 
Our actions are follow-ups to our thoughts.  
Beliefs always come first.  
Our emotions are the power behind our thoughts.  

When we shift our thoughts, our beliefs,
our attitudes, and our expectations,
while internally feeling the feel good feelings 
like love, compassion and joy,
this shift the world we live in.  

Q      Do we have to do anything?  

Yes, declare the world as you choose it to be.  
Believe it.   Expect it.   Allow it be a new way.  
Then take whatever physical steps feel right to you in the moment.  

Q      Can you give us an example?   

Yes.   Creating FahZoom Town is an example.  
We have declared it into existence.  
We've clearly defined our mission on these webpages.  
We live in joyous expectancy.   
We keep ourselves in Our Natural State of Being
by focusing our attention on feel good feelings and 
avoiding focusing on feel bead feelings.  

As new ideas  come into mind
we update our written description of the pieces
that make up FahZoom Town

We are grateful for the things we already have
that are a part of FahZoom Town.  

Q      Like what? 

Like the content of our office and our home.  
Like new friends and people to assist us.  
Like financial assistence. 






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Our Phoenix Is Finally Rising

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      Fahzoom Town






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