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How to Successfully Use 
Thoughts, Emotions, and Words

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Question      Why are we talking about tools?    

Answer      Because for every job, there is
an appropriate set of tools.   Baking a cake, building a house,
caring for your garden, writing these instructions,  
every job has its appropriate and unique set of tools.   

The same principle apply to the art of creating our lives
as a human beings here on planet Earth

The tools for intentionally creating
are our thoughts, words, emotions,
beliefs, attitudes, expectations
, et cetera.  





The Tools for Creating Your life


I'm assuming that you have examined our website regarding: 
Who and What You Are,  and you understand that
We live in Source/ Creator/ God's Cosmic Holograph, and
you also understand that we are each the creators of our own life.   

Question      Yes, I've read your web pages.  
      I don't fully understand them yet, but
      I am familiar with the concepts.  
      Now, tell me about tools. 

Answer    Thought, emotions, words, beliefs, attitudes, expectations are the tools of creating your life in the reality we call human life on planet Earth.  Notice that none of these tools are physical things.       

Q      Why is that?  

A      Because creating occurs in the non-physical portion of reality.   The personal creations of everybody together produces the collective social structure that all of us share. 

Q      If thoughts create things, why are we all working for money?  

A      Because third dimension life as we know it is an illusion.  
Working and money are both third dimension illusions.  
So is scarcity, victim consciousness, separation from God, and
the belief that violence solves problems.  

Q      Are you for real?   If you are correct, then life on Earth
         is not what we've been led to believe it is. 

A   Your correct.   It isn't.   For centuries, humans have been and still are making irreversible, life changing decisions based upon lies and misinformation.    

What we offer is supported by overwhelming evidence.
On our websites, we have clearly described and explained
and linked to numerous other sites that support
what I just told you.   My years of study, research,
and personal experience also strongly support this perspective.   

For example, please check or website on the Law of Thought, the Law of Allowing, and the Law of Intentionally Creating.   We invite you to read these laws and then we can discuss them and answer any questions.   Check our website, www.TLC333.com.   That site will guide you into and through what you need to know.  

What is appropriate here today is not the laws and rules.   I'm here to share some specific do's and don'ts about language.   

OK.   Let's talk about language.




Prison Builders:   Here are some words to avoid:  should,  shouldn't,  mustaught tohave tocan'twon't.   Remember, you are creating in your mind, and words like these lock you into a position.   So do:  It's impossible.   It's inevitable.   and   It can't be any other way.  

Have you ever heard someone say:  "Life sucks and hen you die."?   What do you suppose their life is like?

Wanting:    Wanting and having are worlds apart.  

Q      What do you mean?   

A      If you want something, you do NOT have it.   If you want something, you are separate from it.  

Remember, in the holographic world we live in, we create by declaring what is.   The universe responds to our declaring what is by producing a holographic, multi-sensory copy of our dominant thoughts about what is.   By being in the mind-set of wanting something that you don't have, you may get more wanting, but you'll never get a physical expression of what isn't.  

The law say declare - declare with clarity -  declare with emotion - declare with confidence - declare with anticipation and expectancy - declare as a god being would declare -  declare - declare - declare, and it shall be!   

      Then I should not ask God for anything?  

A      Do not ask.  Asking Source/ Creator/ God for something that you are not presently experiencing puts you in the same position as wanting.   Asking says that you don't have what you are asking for.  

I'm not talking about things like asking someone at the dinner table to pass the salt.   When you intend to create something that you are not presently experiencing, like a new car, you declare it to be in the non-physical world.

We are God beings.   We are aspects, pieces, parts,
holographic images of Source/ Creator/ God.   We do not ask.  
There is nobody our nothing outside of ourselves to ask.  

We declare our intentions into reality in the invisible world.   
Then, we witness our creation by seeing it, hearing it,
feeling it, and/or experiencing it in our minds
as if it were already physically real.  

We continue to hold it in our minds as if it were physically real
and then get out of the way and
allow our holographic image to change

When the holograph changes, our physical experience changes to match the vibration of our dominant thoughts.  
Our non-physical creation takes on the impression of itself and
we experience it in our make-believe, physical world.  

Q      This sounds very mechanical.  
         Where does God fit into this?  

A      That's a question for you to answer.  
You are a God being in physical form.   Everything is inside of you, including the grand collective consciousness that we call Source/ Creator/ God.   

Q      How can that be?  

A      That can be because there is nothing physical.   Physical reality is a holographic illusion.  There is no physical you to be inside of.   You are NOT your physical body.  What we experience as physical is a holographic, multisensory expression of consciousness in the context of a holograph.   That includes your physical body.   You are an eternal, non-physical, multi-dimensionl being presently living blindly in association with the physical body you call "Me."

Q     Now you're getting really far out.  

A      Good!   Your beginning to see the picture.   
If you had closed your mind and gone away,
you would never seen how a holograph functions.  

Q      This is really weird!    

A      Are you aware that saying something is weird is your story about how the universe functions.   Notice that you are getting emotional.   Your emotions are now in charge.  

Q     yes, I feel an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach area.   

A      That's your Soul-Self communicating to you that your point of focus is now directed away from creating you intention to understand the nature of reality.  

Q      What?   

A      You Soul-Self is always communicating to you in the form of Feel-good-feelings (fahzoom)  or feel-bad-feelings (Kohld-priki).   Becoming aware of your inner feeling is your first step in having clear communicaion to who and what you really are.

A      Let's get back to the language.  You've been trained to speak from the position of separation, as if there's you and then
 there's all that stuff you see when you look out
into the world around you

Are you really separate from God, separate from nature and separate from your neighbors?  

Q      I don't know.  Am I?

A      Your body is a biological machine made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a few minerals.   Everything else biological is also made from the same stuff.   Your mind is a piece of God-consciousness.   You cannot survive on Earth without your fellow human.  Now, you tell me, what are you separate from?   

Q    Perhaps a bit of common sense.   

A      We encourage you to begin thinking of yourself as inside of and an intimate part of everything.    Do this for a while and notice how this changes your perspective on just about everything.   



What Is God
      Tell me what God is.    

Q      I don't know.   You're the expert,  You tell me.    

A      I'm not an expert at anything.   My point is that everybody has their own definition of what God is.   The perspectives range widely.

From the fundamental Christians perspective, God is a super-human being who lives in sky above the clouds of planet Earth.   They see themselves as powerless victims subject to the whims of an angry, fickle, vindictive, mass-murderer, who murdered his son and called it an act of love.  

Those who live by the principles of Universal spirituality see God as the sum total of all this is .   They see God expressing itself itself as a form of consciousness.   They see themselves as part of the universal consciousness.

If you talk to anybody on this topic, I encourage you to define what you mean by the word "God."  

Point of focus:   Your thought give direction to your life.  "Where thought goes energy flows."    Bitch, moan and complain and the universe gives you more to bitch moan and complain about.   Be grateful and joyous and the universe gives you more to feel grateful and joyous about.

Speak in Positive Language:  
Our subconscious minds do not register the opposite of an idea.   Here's an example, from the classic, roadside billboard that says "Don't drink and drive." the message that registeres in the subconscious mind is:  "Drink and drive."

Self Talk:  
Become aware of the language you use when you are mind chattering to yourself.   If you are using negative or otherwise dysfunctional language, notice it and then change it.

Bad News / Good News:  
When information is to be passed along to others, if it's good news, tell it yourself.   If it's bad news, have or allow someone else to tell it. 

Q      Why?   

A      Because wisdom's way says, "Do NOT have someone looking at you when they hear bad news."   If you tell it, you become associated with the bad news.   Do the opposite.   Get yourself (our face) associated with feel-good-feelings.

Physical or Imagined: 
Our inner selves do not distinguish between what is physically experienced and what is only a mentally imagined.   Wane Dyer gives us an example of this when he describes imagining smelling and then biting into an onion and noticing that your physical mouth begins to water from your non-physical imaginary onion.  

Q      Let's talk about emotions.   Emotions are the power of, or they give access to  the universal energy.   Either way, emotions are the key to manifesting your intentions.   Strong emotions give more power to your thought than do weak emotions.  

Part of what I share with clients is how to amplify their positive emotions using the sense of touch.   I teach others what I learned by experience.  The technique revolves around the principle of creating feel-good physical sensations while holding my intentions (my goals) clearly in mind.   This technique strongly empowers my ability to manifest positive, joyful experiences.  

Relationships:    When you relate to another person, particularly your significant other, speak in their speaking style.   Notice whether they are primary visual, auditory of kinesthetic.   For example: How does this sound to you.   This looks like another success.   It feels right to me.   

Approach them in their character type.  
1)   Are they primarily analytical?  
2)   Are they primarily a doer, an action person, a driver? 
3)   Are they mostly playful?   or
4)   Do they tend to hide from the world?  
Notice your own dominate character type and, if necessary,
approach the other person in his or her dominant character type.

We all have these same basic character types.  
The Inner Child,   (playful and fun loving)
The Self Saboteur  (screws things up) 
The Prostitute  (sells part of self to gain benefits) 
The Judge   (has an opinion regarding just about everything -
                      often with heavy emotion
There are two more.  I'll add them here when they come to mind. 

We play dozens of additional roles.  Some examples:  husband, wife, Mrs. Clean,  the slob,  the sports fan,  Mr. Fix it, teacher, student, friend, companion, Llover, et cetera.

Celebrate Your Successes:  
Each time you succeed at anything, celebrate your success.   Remember the saying,  "Nothing succeeds like success." 
Why is this true?   Because success produces positive emotions and
tells the universe to bring more to succeed at.   When you succeed, focus on the fahzoom (the feel good feelings).   Celebrate each and every success





Second Place

The Russian Communist competed
in a new Olympic event.  
There were on two competitors,
themselves and the USA.   
The American team won.  

Russian news reported the story
with this line:  
Our team came in second and
the Americans next to last.  





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Don't waste your time and money trying to fix the unfixable.  Replace it.  

In other words,

focus your attention on your intention!  

and do what feel right in every moment    



I acknowledge
      that there are universal forces
            focused on me,
                  right here, right now,
                        in this moment.  

I acknowledge
      that I am
            the object of
                  positive attention
                        from Source/Creator.  

I appreciate Source/Creator's
     positive attention
            on behalf of
                  my well being.  

I acknowledge that, at all times, Source/creator is aware of me,
that Source/Creator is here with me
acknowledging me,
Lloving me,  
guiding, and
having fun with me
in all that I am and
in all that I experience.