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The Art of Success







Page Summary

Success is not an accident.  
      It's an intentional creation. 
            If you intend to succeed,
                  we suggest that you hold the attitude: 
                        "If it's going to be, it's up to me."  

                                    This page offers detailed instructions
                                          regarding the art of success.





Page Content

(o)>   Page Summary   

(o)>   Setting the Context    

(o)>   What Is Success    

(o)>   How to Become a Success    


(o)>   Why I Am Success  

(o)>   Questions to Answer    

(o)>   The Bottom Line  


We recommend that you also read the page titled: 
           Nothing succeeds Like Success   





Character Traits of A successful Person

*   Hold an attitude of Gratitude:  
          Be thankful.  
          Be grateful for what you have and what you are experiencing.  

*   Celebrate Success:  
          Whenever you succeed, celebrate your success.  
          Feel the Fahzoom (the feel good) feelings.

*   Avoid  Struggling.  
         Sit quietly and create your intention in your mind.   
         Think Smart instead of working hard.   

*   Study the rules of reality.    
          Learn who and what you are, where you are, and
          then apply the rules to your life..

*   Clean up your life.   
         Whatever is nagging at you to do, do it and
         be done with it. move on.   

*   Clean up your environment.  
          Clean up your home, your work space, your car, your yard.  
          Make it neat.   Make it clean.
          Get rid of everything that is no longer useful.

*   Practice the Universal Law of Allowing.  
          Without judgment or negative emotions, allow other to
          be, do, have, express, and experience who they are.   

*   Avoid mainstream radio and TV.  
          All they peddle is mind deadening nonsense.    

*   Daily, engage in random acts of kindness.   
          Feel the feel good feeing that this type of behavior generates.  

*   Create a goal. a mission a context of success.   
          Declare what you intend t o be.   Focus on you intention.

*   Always move toward your success.  
        Avoid fighting the old.  
        Steadily and consistently move toward your intention.  

*  Look for the Buddha Gift:  
          When something kohld-priki occurs,   Feel the feeing, let it go, and
          then look for something positive in the experience.  

*   Have a daily quiet time.  
Spend at least ten minutes every day sitting quietly. 
          Focus on intentional breathing.  
          Teach your body how to relax.     






Setting the Context 

Universal Application:  
      Although the text below is written as though
      I were writing about myself,
      the process applies to all of us without exception.  

What I am Not:   
      I am NOT a physical body
      made of cell, organs, tissues and the like.  
      I wear a body, similar to the way
      a physical body wears clothes.

What I Am:  
      The first step in success is understanding
      Who and What I Am.  
      I am an eternal divine being
      expressing itself as consciousness.   

Where Am I:   
      The evidence tells me that time and space
         are only a construct of consciousness.  
      So the "where" in:  Where am I?  is  not a place.  
      Perhaps it was expressed most eloquently in these words:  
      "When I finally go there, I discovered that
         there was no there there."  

      I'd say that I am inside of Source/ Creator/ God,
         but there's no there there either.  
      So the question calls for a different perspective such as
      What am I experiencing?   or 
      What does the evidence tell me I am experiencing?   
      The evidence tells me that
      I am  experiencing myself in a holographic universe


I Am Constantly Creating.  
      That is the nature of what I am.  
      I cannot turn off my power of creation.  
      I can only direct it  intentionally or allow it to run
         by the default programming
         built into my subconscious mind.

      The evidence indicates that my default programming
         is now significantly different from what it was
         when I entered this physical body.  
      The evidence also indicates that
      my default programming is infinitely changeable.  

I Am a Dynamic, Ever-Changing Being.  
      I am aware that I am in a constant state of change
      in the constant state of
      becoming something different from
      what I previously was.  

      I am aware that I am
      in a constant state of recreating myself.  

      I'm now realize that nothing is static --
         that everything is constantly in the state of
         becoming something more than it is/was.  
      I am constantly in the state of expansion.  
      I am constantly in the state of becoming.   
      I am a becoming being. 

What Is The I Am?  
      Who and what am I?   
      I Am" is an eternal, divine being
         with ever-expanding consciousness.  
      I Am also a divine being experiencing my divinity
         in a physical body in a holographic universe.  






What Is Success 

What Success Is Not:   
      Success is not a destination.  
      It's not something out there in my future.  

Success Is a State of Being.  
      My state of being is also the state of
         re-discovering myself - rediscovering who and what I am.  
      I am on a daily journey of re-discovery.  
      I  re-discover knowledge / wisdom / consciousness.  
      I re-discover distinctions and differences
         about which I was previously unaware.  
      I re-discover an understanding which says
      That which I used to believe was
         out there in the physical world.

The Engine of Success  
      At the core of success is consciousness.  
      The evidence points to the conclusion that
         in a holograph, there is nothing else.
      My mental focus, and my emotional state of being
         constantly alter the holograph and
         produce my physical experiences.  

      Today looks and feels like yesterday
         because my mental focus and my emotions today
         are the same as they were yesterday.  
      This will also create tomorrow to look and feel just like today.       

      I am a co-creator with Source/ Creator/ God. 
      I give S/C/God directions by my thoughts, beliefs
         attitudes, expectations and the like.  

      S/C/God does the creating.

      My feelings,  my internal emotions are
         my access to the energy of creation.  
      Emotions can be likened to the gas pedal in our car.  
      The more gas you add, the faster you go.  
      The more emotions you add, the faster you create.  






How to Become a Success
                     at anything you choose.

I became a Success.   I am a Success.   
Here's what I do to claim my Earthly prizes:

      I create.   That is, I make up a story about me.    
      It's a simple story,      about what I'd like to be.  
It's a story that makes me feel good
      when i declare my story to be true.  
      My physical self,
         my non-physical intention, and my story
         all come together as one.   

      I become an actor.  
      In my mind, I play the role called me. 
      I live the part.       
      I Llove the part.   
      I feel the joy.    
      I feel the feel-God feelings.  

      In my mind, I experience my new version of me. 
      I feel the fahzooms  --  Those Feel-Good Feelings
         that dance inside of me
         and replace what used to be.

       My stories about becoming
         soon begin to become what is.   
      I now celebrate my succeeding.  
      I celebrate another success  

      Step by step, one small bite at a time,
         Intentionally and consciously  
         I'm re-creating my life.  
      If I can do it, you can do it, too.  
      I'll even show you how.


Do not post this message on your bulletin board
unless you are brave enough to
allow the insane people to think that you are crazy.






Why I Am Success.


My intention is NOT to accomplish any goals.  
      Being success is to live as my stated intention.

My intention is to be an actor pretending I am Success.
         I play the lead-role actor in a theatrical performance of
         the cosmic play called:   "My life here on Earth." 

      In theatrical words it's called Method Acting.  
      I become the actor in my play.   

      In my mind I live the role every moment of every day.  
      I soon notice my holographic, physical world
          moving powerfully in the direction of
         manifesting my role in its physical form.

      In order to be, do, have, create, express, and/or
         experience something I start in my mind.   

         Avoid going into the physical world and
         doing something  
         Manifesting in a holographic Universe
         is a mental process.   

How do I Become Success?   
      In my mind, I become that something
         which I choose to experience
      and then the universe turns who I am
         into my physical experiences.  

      I become success by my mental focus,
      by my thoughts, my beliefs,  my attitudes, my expectations.  

      I become success by my intentions, my declarations,
         my commitment,  my trust in the laws of the universe.
      And by trusting in my own ability
         to hold my mental focus on my intended vision.  

      I become success by feeling safe in my new state of being 
      by knowing and feeling what it feels like
      to be in my new state of being  
      by being grateful for what is 
      by being willing to let go of the old to make room for the new.  

      I become success by understanding I am worthy and
      that my worthiness is my natural, God-granted state of being.  

      I become success by understanding that I can be, do, have,
      create, express, and/or experience my success
      without taking anything from anybody else.  

      I become success by understanding that
      struggling is a dysfunctional belief
      a belief that got programmed into my subconscious
      when I was a very small child.  

      I become success by letting go of struggle and
      replacing it with grace and ease.  

      I become success by being willing
      to give up what I must give up

      in order to physically experience my new state of being?  

Derailing Failure:
      I also search for and find the places where
      I've set myself up for failure,
      Before the problems manifest,
      I take potential failure and turn it into dust.  

      In my new self-awareness,
      I avoid setting myself up for future failures.

Experiencing Success:  
      As I internally and by declaration become my intentions,
      (This is also known as creating a context)
      I also step into the physical portion of the creation process.  

      I take the actions that appear to move me toward the places,
      conditions, and circumstances that favor success.  
      In other words, both internally and externally,
      I'm setting myself up for success.  





Questions to Answer 


      I examine the reasons why I am becoming
      that which I have chosen to be.  
      Is this really what I want?  

      What will come with by new state of being?  
      Am I ready for these changes? 

      What will I have to give up in order to succeed?  
      Am I willing to give it up?  

      What do I regret or resent or feel guilty or angry about?   
      Am I willing to let go of my regrets, resents, and anger?     

      As well as forgiving others, am I willing to forgive myself?  

      Do I have faith in myself, faith in my process.  
      Do I have faith that the Universal laws and principles
      actually function?  

      Am I living with a constant attitude of
      respect, honor, and gratitude.  
      How and where does love fit into this picture?  
      Do I like myself.   Do I love myself?  

      What are my expectations.  
      How do I feel right now?  
      My intention is to vibrate in harmony with
      my intended state of being.  
      Am I vibrating in harmony with my stated intention?  
      See the page titled:  Feelings as Vibrations.  





The Bottom Line 


      The bottom line is that success is NOT an accident.  
      Success in NOT an activity.  
      Success is a state of being that manifests
      NOT from actions  but  while in action.  

      My action holds the focus of consciousness
      on the intended experience.  
      It is my focus with emotion that allows
       Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,  
       (Also referred to a  The Universe)
      to produce the experience in physical form.  

      My physical activity, the place where I am, and
      the circumstances I am in
      are the context within which t I attract my experiences.  

      My job is to create myself as my success and then,
      to the best of my ability, to place my physical self
      in the appropriate places, activities, and circumstances.  


And One Final Note:
      Notice that in situation of competition,
      often the winner doesn't win.  
      It's that the looser loses.   
      The loser screws up and
     the winner wins mainly by default.  

<><><>   <><><>  

      Step by step, one small bite at a time,
      I'm consciously and intentionally
      re-creating my life.  
      If I can do it, so can you!  
      I'll even show you how.






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